What It Means To ‘Get High’

After several decades of Reefer Madness propaganda dominating the discussion of marijuana in the media, it should be no surprise that many Americans, especially older Americans who are not personally familiar with marijuana, believe that “getting high” is somehow a bad experience, something to be avoided by responsible citizens. It is assumed that this experience is a waste of time, or even worse, that it somehow damages the healthy individual.

Yet, I have found that marijuana smoking has been a positive experience in my life, allowing me, when I am high, to stand back half-a-step and see my life in a clearer perspective. Yes, we all know that getting high is fun: food tastes better when one is high, and music sounds better and sex is even more enjoyable. But getting high is more than just pleasurable; in the right situation, it is an enriching experience.

Specifically, if I have something I need to write, whether an article for publication or the outline for a talk I am scheduled to deliver, I find it extraordinarily helpful to isolate myself in my home office for a few hours and get stoned, allowing my mind to freely wander, making notes of any seemingly insightful thoughts that result, jotting down whatever free-associations arise, and frequently discovering issues and new ways to analyze a topic that should have been obvious to me all along, but had not come to mind until I was high.

It’s as if the marijuana high eliminates some of the barriers we otherwise construct on our imagination and our creativity. Somehow, we appear to protect ourselves from the perceived risk of thinking out of the mainstream, by closing off some creative pathways. Marijuana can reopen those pathways, and give us new understanding.

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  1. Why does everyone think because your old you do not know much about Marijuana? Like I said Marijuana has been used medicinally and as a psychoactive vehicle for several thousand years. I know people in their 90’s who smoke and have smoked most of their lives. I think we have mis-informed anti-marijuana individuals of all ages, social economic status, race, etc. For God sake, Queen Victoria smoked it and so did Thomas Jefferson. So it has been in America and everywhere else for a long time.

  2. For some people marijuana has a positive effect, but for others who have experienced its negative effects it might sound different. Let’s just say that marijuana, MJ, Weed might help those individuals who are having a hard time with developing their confidence or creative minds, however do you really need that? I remember the movie social media of Mark where he drinks alcohol that maximizes his programming skills hacking the database of Harvard. Yes, it’s positive on the other hand some people abuse it in a way where their body can’t take it leading to death.
    If your taking marijuana just to have some fun thinks again, it might be healthy like going to a gym, but if it’s abused there is a negative reaction towards your body.

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