Who and Where: America’s Ever-Growing Marijuana Industry

Last week in conjunction with the well attended Marijuana Business Conference & Expo was the launch of a new business-centric webpage created to highlight the women and men of America’s nascent cannabis industry, as well as to foster needed B2B relationships and ‘best of industry’ practices among the many thousands of new cannabis-related businesses that have been founded in the last five years.

CannabisBusinessExecutive’s launch demonstrates a basic and continuing need by cannabis entrepreneurs for community and kinship in the fast growing and challenging new domestic cannabis industry, notably in the states of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington (where voters since 2012 have approved binding ballot initiatives replacing failed cannabis prohibition policies in favor of tax-n-regulate policies that look similar to existing alcohol policies).

Of note regarding CannabisBusinessExecutive’s unique content are three of it’s main features:

Industry’s Top 100 players

Pot’s Political 50

Most Influential Women

Additionally, for citizens interested in cannabis-related business news and investing opportunities, other excellent sources include:

Marijuana Business Daily 

Marijuana Venture 

For the doubting Thomas that cannabis legalization is not gaining more and more cultural and commercial cachet in America (and the world), look no further than to the major corporate cannabis branding announcement EXCLUSIVE made yesterday morning on The Today Show during the show’s prime time (7:35AM).




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  1. Thank you Allen,

    I had no idea that Brendan Kennedy of Privateer holdings also owned Leafly.
    Leafly kept us up to date on the U.S. v. Pickard, which i greatly appreciate.
    Isnt watching that coverage from the Today Show on your last link a bit bizarre? I mean, there’s the contradiction of Sabet whose like “oh no, big pot is only for profit,” which smacks of… “Aaaaand alcohol? and tobacco?” The way the Today Show laughed him off on the end was almost surreal. This is the stuff we dreamed about and worked so hard for… To our enemies, to all the remaining prohibitionists too proud to admit their immenent demise…
    In the words of Robert Nesta Marley…

    “Open your eyes
    And look within
    Are you satisfied
    With the life youre livin?”

  2. @bobwv– “Pack of Marleys” is what Kevin Sabet warns a “Big-Tobacco”-Mj clone would do, but with relief I note this new Marley franchise vows to deliver the herb au naturel, NOT wrolled in paper$igJoints. Try using a 25-mg Vapetoke Utensil…

    “More Marley,
    Menos Monoxide”.

  3. Great compilation, keep up the good work and we will all someday hold our national pride out front and not in our back pockets.

  4. Someone please tell me how to get into this as a legit business. I live in oh, which is ready to pop soon. I have a premium location. I need a mentor to guide me thru all the state BS so i can move product.

  5. Getting ready to throw my hat in the ring. Will be pursuing a medical dispensary certificate in AZ next year. I’m banking on full legalization in 2016, which will put me in a prime situation to take full advantage of the green rush, similar to what happened in CO this year.
    I think this is a good strategy for getting into the business. If you live in an MMJ state, this may be the strategy for you. It provides a protected market in which to establish a business and be ready to go when full legalization takes effect.

  6. SO what do you think will happen, if someone from a state where it is still illegal goes to Colorado on “Vac” and smokes a little, then a few weeks later gets a random screen at work and fails, it was legal to smoke it when and where it was smoked how can they still punish you?

  7. petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-marijuana-schedule-1/lqFgx2h7

    go and sign the petition that will Remove Marijuana from “Schedule 1” and help legalize it

  8. Many kids today are being prescribed drugs for attention deficit disorder. The script is basically synthetic meth (amphetamine).Its what Hitler used and gave his soldier’s. OMG. I dont get it. Like the government is so smart they know together we stand divided we fall. We currently fear (meth) But if you say adderol or other scripted products for that disorder that’s totally OK with society. Current fear of marijuana is where we are divided please people come together please don’t give our government any more power we the people in order to form a more perfect union established justice for truth not control I can’t believe our men haven’t grabbed there pitch forks and challenged our system of governing please we the people.

  9. @Matthew,

    Best of luck, hope you can visit wikiHow.com “12 Ways to Make Pipes from Everyday Objects”, learn how to make “Choomette”, Choomsky” and “Choomidwakhi” and have a thousand 5.5-mm-i.d. screened crater Single Toke Utensils ready to give one to each Medical Mj customer when you open for bizness. Thankx again for boning up on Good Works.

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