Reefer Madness Redux: Who Let the Clowns Out?

The anti-marijuana zealots in this country have always been entertaining, but I have lately noticed the appearance of some new defenders of prohibition, making Reefer Madness claims reminiscent of the earliest years of prohibition.

Harry J. Anslinger, the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, was the principal architect of the Reefer Madness strategy aimed at demonizing marijuana and marijuana smokers.

In the American Magazine in 1937, in an article entitled “Marijuana: Assassin of Youth,” he wrote:

“An entire family was murdered by a youthful addict in Florida. When officers arrived at the home, they found the youth staggering about in a human slaughterhouse. With an axe he had killed his father, mother, two brothers, and a sister. He seemed to be in a daze… He had no recollection of having committed the multiple crimes. The officers knew him ordinarily as a sane, rather quiet young man; now he was pitifully crazed. They sought the reason. The boy said that he had been in the habit of smoking something which youthful friends called ‘muggles’ a childish name for marijuana.”

While today we all laugh when we read those words, at the time the average citizen knew almost nothing about marijuana, nor did members of Congress, and it was with that absurd and uninformed mindset that Congress passed marijuana prohibition with little debate in 1937.

Today no rational person would treat those claims as serious or credible. Millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens smoke marijuana responsibly with no harm to themselves or anyone else, and the average citizen is far more familiar with marijuana and understand it is a mild intoxicant that is far less dangerous than alcohol, and should be similarly legalized and regulated.

Yet the clowns keep coming out of the circus car, one after another.

In one recent example, media curmudgeon Ben Stein published a column on the right-wing website The American Spectator, entitled “Marijuana Is A Cancer.” From that incredible start (ironic in light of research suggesting THC is helpful in treating several types of cancer), Stein describes a 27-year-old unnamed family friend whom he says has destroyed his life because of his marijuana smoking.

“Marijuana ate this young man’s soul. It was very much like that movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where space aliens invade the bodies of humans. I have never known any chronic user of the chronic whose ambitions and good sense have not been either demolished or very substantially lessened by the use of the weed. It is eating up the soul of the nation altogether.”

And in case anyone did not yet understand his views on marijuana, Stein added: “The most bitter enemies of the United States could not have imagined a more wicked attack on a society based on individual initiative than the mass use of marijuana. To think we have a President in favor of its legalization, a Mayor of Gotham who is a huge proponent of the poison, a rap culture that celebrates this vile poison, is heart breaking.”

How’s that for trying to out-do Anslinger!

But Stein is not the only alarmist resurrecting the Anslinger rhetoric.

In March of this year drug advisor and televangelist Pat Robertson opined on marijuana on his CBN program “The 700 Club,” saying marijuana smoking is “slavery to vegetables.” According to Robertson “Cocaine is the product of a vegetable, alcohol is the product of a vegetable, marijuana is a vegetable. … And yet, people are enslaved to vegetables,” adding God could set you free from this vegetable slavery.

Thank God we have the guidance of Robertson to help us fight this new scourge of vegetable addiction!

Apparently it is circus season, and we can only look forward to more of these clowns surprising us with their insightfulness on marijuana and marijuana policy. It almost makes me long for Kevin Sabet and his warnings about “big marijuana” taking over after legalization. At least Sabet recognizes his tired, exaggerated claims about the dangers of marijuana smoking are no longer effective, and he has decided to challenge the free market system.

Good luck with that, Kevin.

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  1. Hear, hear. Well said.

    I wonder how the word “muggles” might be connected to Harry Potter books.

    The boy said that he had been in the habit of smoking something which youthful friends called ‘muggles’ a childish name for marijuana.”

    In the Harry Potter book series, a Muggle is a person who lacks any sort of magical ability and was not born into the magical world. Muggles also do not have any magical blood.

    In all my days I’ve never heard it referred to as muggles. I don’t believe in magic.

    Any Peter Coyote musical potumentaries about the sane use of reefer in before cannabis prohibition. He narrated Prohibition by Ken Burns. Now let’s see Ken Burns make a series about cannabis use in the 1920s through 1940s. I heard tell of people smoking joints during World War II because cigarettes were rationed. No getting around jazz musicians said to carry pot plants with them which is where the term pot is supposed to come from.

    Limit the stuff about snake oils that had stuff to do with cannabis, mixed with alcohol or heroin or who knows what else. Make Jack Herer proud. I like the Youtube video adaptation of his book.

    Lot of talking and people reading. Ken or somebody tell it a lot more imagery. History Channel, PBS, some foundation funding it. Deeper than History or H2 or whoever went into that aspect of cannabis during that time, different stuff, may have a bit of overlap. This too.

    Anybody remake Reefer Madness change the scenes and dialog to how people really used, get high and sit around and listen to music, have sex, go for a stroll and other normal things people do safely while high. If there’s something out there like that already let me know. I want to watch it.

    Spoof that as American Speculator. Conjecture just conjured up without further examination is a generalization that all cannabis users are that way, and all the millions of people who have ever used cannabis peacefully who never did anything heinous disprove it.

    Prohibitionists, just legalize now.

  2. Grab your favorite beverage, and a big ol’ bag of popcorn, Anslinger’s ghost is here to entertain us some more!

  3. I read about Ben Stein’s disdain of climate change science in ‘Scientific American’ He came off as arrogant, ignorant and self-absorbed. He literally believes that somehow his ideological preferences trump science.

    It not surprising his attitude toward marijuana is the same. He says, “To think we have a President in favor of its legalization, a Mayor of Gotham who is a huge proponent of the poison, a rap culture that celebrates this vile poison, is heart breaking”.

    The lines are being drawn for the 2016 election.

    Mr. Robertson should know that I like vegetables. I have a less favorable opinion of deities, with their mysterious ways and infinite wisdom.

  4. Ben Stein spoke at my undergraduate graduation ceremony. He discussed many issues in society, some relevant, with a capitalist tone throughout his speech. He finished by jokingly and indirectly thanking college students for being the #1 consumers of the clear eyes product. In the next breathe he simply described it as harmless.

    He is obviously not a spokesperson for clear eyes anymore. His behavior and opinion is purely motivated and contingent upon who is paying him. Talk about affective flattening.

  5. There will always be stupid people. Fortunately, only the stupidest among us will fall for the prohibitionist idiocy. Hopefully, they are in the minority but sometimes, when I’m driving in traffic, I wonder if there are more idiots than not… It is utterly amazing to me that our Federal Govt has had their head stuck in the 1930s reefer propaganda for so long. Now that Michelle Leonhart (of the DEA) has been fired that should finally start changing for the better 🙂

  6. Its unfortunate that so many people that claim to be intelligent live in self imposed ignorance.

  7. Excellent cheer-me-up essay, Keith! I particularly appreciate the sucinct analysis of Sabet. However, I was only incensed when I first saw Stein’s headline: I believe he was being entirelty facetious. High Times took it literally, too. Do you really think, for instance, that Stein adores Civil War music? Are you kidding? Sure, and his guest never heard, “Dixie” . . .
    Stein’s whole article was a hilarious farce, reminding me more of something from a Mel Brooks movie.

  8. Ben Stein? The hypocrite sold Clear Eyes for Crissake; more marijuana consumers kept that in their cars than people who wear CONTACTS! …, and now HE is the spokesman for prohibition? Who are they gonna think of next; The bearded guy on the cover of Zig-Zags?

  9. Oh, when we legalize
    We don’t need Clear Eyes
    We already found a surprizer

    An’ if its red eye you fear
    So cops can see clear
    Well its called a vaporizer

    You know Ben;
    You remember when
    You outsold Visine?

    You were an important man
    A Veteran
    With the clearest eyes you’d seen

    But then one day
    The fear went away
    For a bloodshot disguise

    Its called a vaporizer
    No smoke disguiser
    Don’t need no bottle of Clear Eyes…

    No I don’t need the bottle…
    … Of Clear Eeeeeeeyes…

    Aint got no contacts or smoke…
    For my veins to disguise…

    If Prohibition is ridin…
    On Ben Steeeeeein…

    Open your eyes…
    And look within…
    We’ll get high
    And see clear again

    And soooon we’ll all be feelin fiiiiiine…

    (Ben Stein: Doesn’t ANYbody want to buy more Clear Eyes??!! $&#%!)

  10. Stein’s use of the archaic term, “muggles,” is one of the rather countless hints of his, at his ‘parody’. I think that our misunderstanding does diminish his esteem, of us. Yet, he knows that we are the good guys. Stein’s citation of the guest’s repeated dinner-breaks, to smoke more, is also a funny parody-joke. It’s high browed, ‘reverse psych / devil’s advocate’ parody. I think that Stein only thought that really clueless, stodgy old folks would miss the forest for the trees, and take the article at superficial face value. “Muggles,” indeed – Stein isn’t old enough, to remember when that word was contemporary! Like, Civil War music makes him feel young, again. Please, discern, and laugh in the right direction. Stein’s article convinces me that he’s on our side!

  11. Ben Stein has always been a smug, self-serving narcissist. As intelligent as he comes off when he speaks, his ideas are actually usually quite pedestrian. Let’s see, how do they put it? A pig with lipstick is still a pig.

  12. I believe it’s been common for decades among the young to hide the red-eyes from consuming weed with the “Clear Eyes” product.

    I’m not sure of this. I’d be curious if anyone knows.

  13. Let us not forget Gov. Chris Christie who recently came out to say that if he were president he’d roll back all the legal marijuana laws and ban it country-wide, I assume including medical use. I just don’t get the venom about this issue. Must offend some Puritan sensitivities.

  14. Seriously, Ben Stein is less credible and worse than when Stephen Baldwin hurled up propaganda for prohibition… Clearly these two nitwits got busted by the DEA and extorted for a pathetic attempt to make prohibition commercials in exchange for dropping charges or plea bargains with the Devil.

    Check out the colluded dirt on this guy; Stein is pathetically trying to validate his legacy in the Drug War as a writer and lawyer under Impeached President Nixon;

    “Stein began his political career as a speechwriter and lawyer for President Richard Nixon, and later for President Gerald Ford. On May 3, 1976, Time magazine speculated on the possibility of Stein having actually been Deep Throat.”

    And what a Deep Throat Stein has indeed…

    “Stein was fired from his position as a Sunday Business columnist at The New York Times in August 2009, due to a policy prohibiting writers from performing product endorsements or advertising. Stein had recently become an advertising spokesperson for credit information company, and according to a Times statement, had assumed there would be no conflict provided that he did not discuss credit scoring in general or itself in his column. However, the publication felt that it would be inappropriate for him to write for them while he was involved in advertising, and terminated his contract.[10] Writing in The Spectator, Stein states his belief that the real reasons for his firing were budget cuts at the Times, his criticism of President Obama, and pressure from those critical of Expelled, who “bamboozled some of the high pooh-bahs at the Times into thinking there was a conflict of interest”

    Dude, you were profiting off of publishing opinions with conflict of interest from direct advertisement. And what a Conflict of interest indeed, ol Clear Eyes; It gets even better; Here is Stein defending Nixon;

    “Can anyone even remember now what Nixon did that was so terrible? He ended the war in Vietnam (Because he lost) brought home the POWs, (BULL$#!+!) ended the war in the Mideast (what next Stein, Nixon said “Let there be Light!”?) opened relations with China, (especially their corrupt police tactics) started the first nuclear weapons reduction treaty, (THAT really worked well didn’t it?) saved Eretz Israel’s life, (who?) started the Environmental Protection Administration (talk about a conflict of interest…) Does anyone remember what he did that was bad?”

    Uhm, how about signing the Controlled Substances Act you %#^*ng nut? Great trip to China! He made a Drug “Czar” police state modeled after the worst aspects of Communism and blamed all our socioeconomic instability on “Drugs Enemy Number One,” officially creating a Communist state within the DOJ in charge of our drug policy, spreading mad disproportionate incarceration, asset forfeitures without due process all dressed in the clothing of a Capitalist Democracy covered in executive privilege.
    Or better yet, how about your Economic Stability Act that created the international corporate lobbyist? Great job THERE Stein! You officially took the job to write laws from Congress, gave it to the lobbyist with no sovereign allegiance to anyone but themselves, and turned Congress into fundraisers.

    Great legacy Stein. Is there any way to impeach a terrible writer? Stein; You’re blacklisted you Communist! May you be disbarred into the Halls of Eternal Shame.
    P.S. Thanks for the laugh!

  15. The 20th century deliberations of federal marijuana law might have gone like this…

    Judge #1: So many words. What does it really mean?

    Judge #2: It is all of these things, except for all of these things. WTF?

    Judge #3: It could literally be almost anything derived from cannabis.

    Judge #4: Holistically, it could be only one thing derived from cannabis.

    Judge #5: I love it. A riddle, just as Judge #9 has indicated.

    Judge #6: We can solve the riddle, but we don’t have to explain it.

    Judge #7: We could make them figure it out for themselves.

    Judge #8: In the meantime, this will make judging so much more interesting.

    Judge #9: …gkgkghmp, ‘ere…

  16. It’s amazing how Pat Robinson and other TV evanegists can make anything that they want a sin. It all goes back to when preachers signed on to Alslinger’s hype, many of whom never got over prohibition ending.

    As for Robinson, Stein or whoever else want’s to keep this morality thing with cannabis going: do they think that God erre’d when he created cannabis? OK.?

  17. Stein is listed as a professional “humorist.” He’s a 70 year old Sagittarian. Sure, a J.D. from Yale, former speech writer for Richard Nixon… well trained in entrenched stodginess. Facetiousness is his schtick. He lives in California. I’d sincerely offer a toast, to him – and play it to full hilt. He’d know that I ‘get’ his high brow humor. He’s probably got a well developed taste, in Cannabis strains. He ‘doesn’t own slaves’, he insists! He denounces ‘Darwinism’ with such over the top performance, that even the Defamation League indemnifies him – taking him too literally, at poker face value. He trumpets that Obama is the “most racist President in American history.”Even The Onion uses veiled truths, in their satire. The joke’s on us – what’s new? He’d be a real card, speaking before the British Parliament. Royalty would just snicker.

  18. Making calls in Pennsylvania to get bill moved to different committee.

    Email addresses are there. Shame there no capital wiz with canned letter sent to all the politicians’ email addresses at once, somebody willing and able to go into the application and put in the emails and check all the right boxes, put in all the right lines. People will do it but more people tight on time blanket email bombs all the politicians in the list with only one Submit. Click Submit once. Done.

  19. We can’t answer Stein’s question, as to what Nixon did wrong, without adressing his violatio Bretton Woods: “15 August 1971, the United States unilaterally terminated convertibility of the US dollar to gold, effectively bringing the Bretton Woods system to an end and rendering the dollar a fiat currency.[2] This action, referred to as the Nixon shock,…”

    If the world had taken us to task, for that – we’d all have starved, by now.

  20. can anyone look into the Iowa and the current policies here?! we have the longest sitting governor in us history ( 6, 4 year terms )who has single handily appointed all supreme court members, chuck grassley who is in leadership position in the senate Judiciary Committee… if you want this ridiculous war against marijuana to end iowa needs to change.. i suggest everyone takes a hard look at iowa and the shady legal system in this state. in 2014 law makers passed a very limited medical marijuana law , but they still prevent access to it in any form.. please help change the laws here, and the rest of the nation will follow…

  21. @Mathew;
    I appreciate good satire, but the rules to me are
    #1: it has to be funny and
    #2: satire has to provide exaggerated solutions to shine disinfecting light on the evil ironies of society

    What Ben Stein wrote saying “Marijuana is Cancer” is just plane misleading, paid propaganda. Try and tell that joke in a crowd of cancer survivors. The difference between being funny and offensive is knowing and respecting your audience. If Ben Stein thought he was funny he failed miserably.

  22. Boycott “Clear Eyes” till they denounce Ben & the prohibitionist’s!!! It’s the only way to END THIS WAR! Once they see the $ go away thats when they’ll $PAY$ attention to us. U C it now the only reason the “State Law Makers” are clamoring for it is the tax $$$. Why do U think the “MORAL SCOURGE” of a casino is comming in? But I dont C anyone calling for gambling 2 be outlawed. As 4 Pat Robertson. Every one has there own poison to take every day. Pat Robertson U can take your dose of GOD and I wont call 4 religion 2 B outlawed e. Just don’t shove yours down my throat!

  23. Don’t worry at all about this. We ARE winning with 4 states in which people can feel good-the way they want and have happy lives without the chance of some dumbshit cop ruining their lives for no good reason, something he gets paid to do! With having a Male and Female God invent the stuff, it is up to us to change the laws for our liking. We can do it by keep doing what you are doing, if you have money to donate, do so to Norml and send letters to congressmen/women. Here in Pennsylvania we might have Medical legalized which would be good for so many people, including me because I have paranoid-schizophrenia, which believe me, does help. I don’t know when it’s going to pass. Tom Wolf better do the ONLY thing he was elected for and LEGALIZE IT in PA! It should be legal everywhere, from Utah to New York to Florida to California. Phuck, I’d say USA to China to Russia to India all the way down to Australia, New Guinea to Nigeria to Brazil! Shit, even France and England would fare well with some nice legal pot puffers. But lets focus on the best… USA, soon to be free-er than Uruguay. Think positive beause, you know set and setting and the fact that positivity can link with other positivity and circle the globe. I heard something like 26 states are doing legal weed laws in the next election, THATS HALF THE COUNTRY. Oh man, thank God we are at this brink that change the laws for good. This is like a climax,… something’s going to happen!!!! Do NOT quit EVER. We have the majority. We will not accept anything but VICTORY!

  24. “Pops” Armstrong (the one they walked on the moon in honour of) recorded a record side titled “Muggles” about 1929, look it up.

    I was too lazy to plug my earphones into the liebrewery kampfpewter but I watched Ben Stein speak for a minute and noticed that he dwbblehandgestures rather choppingly but straitlacedly while staring fixedly forward not at camera.

    Maybe we can relieve Kevin Sabet’s fear of Big Marijuana by repudiating the 500-mg hot burning overdose monoxide Joint and running that cartoon of Keith and Marc Emery sharing a 25-mg double Vapetoke on a two-armed flexdrawtube one-hitter?

  25. I just read this article and I was just thinking… Bueller…….Bueller……..Bueller

  26. Cannabis has opponents
    Prisons have opponents

    Prohibition only enhances

    Cannabis enlightens
    Provides us with cloth, food, rope, and


  27. Ben Stein,hahaha

    What do expect from Richard Nixons former speech writer?

    Not to mention trial attorney.

    Good thing he doesn’t partake.Can you imagine having to listen to that whining -droning -monotone voice,while he is having a panic attack,because the weed is so much stronger now, than the columbian from the 70s…No thank you!

  28. I have a friend named Billy who believed all the reefer madness he had heard; at least until I broke it down for him and picked it apart. I told him how Anslinger made his bogus claims and then admitted his claims were bogus but still got parts of his bill passed into law. I explained how Roger Egeberg helped to get MJ named a schedule 1 drug and then in justification of that move, said “If we don’t find proof of our claims we can always legalize it later.” I explained how Richard Nixon established the Shafer Commission to justify his War on Marijuana and then disregarded the recommendation of his own commission to decrimnalize weed. I told him how “our government” claims MJ has no medicinal benefits and so won’t allow private research because without proof of medicinal uses there is no reason to do medical research on it but yet the same government owns the only known medical marijuana patent (6630507) I invited him to not take my word for it but to research it himself. He now knows the truth about weed but being a devout Mormon he will never smoke it. I told him to smoke or not to smoke is his right just as it is mine..

  29. I know someone intimately well who took a massively open online course (MOOC) that was taught by Kevin Sabet in the first half of the course, the American Disease: Drug and Drug Policy in the US.

    The disclaimer of the course from the outset was that no statistical data would be addressed, just the history and significance of drug policy. And surprise, there were statistics given throughout the course, and predominantly given in statements as rationalizations, or “good reasons” for prohibition to continue. It was plain that the initial statement of disregarding statistics ended up unenforced and decidedly biased in favor of prohibition, the statistics of the sort that manipulate one’s position, and done so without elaboration. Statistics that he claimed would not be discussed ended up at arbitrary points in the course content, and it was that missing elaboration that was in actuality, what was meant by not discussing statistics, the ones given willy-nilly.

    He was anti-cannabis the whole course, yet could offer no reasons for taking such a stance. He would just parrot unsubstantiated claims and his own personal opinion regarding cannabis, as in “I don’t think it should be legalized,” while providing no sound basis for such an opinion. When finally after hundreds of requests to justify some of his claims, he would not even admit that cannabis is less harmful than legal alcohol, only stating and restating his opinion that it should not be legal. This, done with a subtle flippancy of intellectual honesty that one comes to recognize quickly after years of propaganda, appeals to fear and appeals to authority, and deliberate thought-control that is worded very similarly.

    My assumption that he was gunning for a position within the NIDA or DEA, was mostly reinforced by taking the course. It was pretty much obvious how his bias influenced the course content, and many of his test questions, that were clearly one-sided, and when they were thoroughly questioned by students, he offered little to no explanation or good reasoning.

    One would think the rigors of an academic environment would limit personal beliefs, nevertheless, the longest address to the course in the forum regarding bias in plain words, was not satisfactorily addressed, deferred to the slippery slope fallacy that legalization would lead to worse problems.

    I was intrigued by the mention of Sabet in Mr. Stroup’s post, and if he is a growing public voice in the faction justifying the continuation of prohibition, then the suspicions I had about his stance are more clear.

    Only an idiot would send his child to school to learn what the teacher knows! The teacher’s important role is supposed to refer to, or point to events, phenomena, issue, while hopefully lacking personal invective, so that the learners can form their own opinions based on fact. In that sense, he did not do well as an objective guide presenting information, in unbiased form.

    They say that the best way to know if you understand something, is to teach it. What was presented was someone’s personal understanding, indeed. The best way arguably, to understand one’s position regarding contentious issues, is to hear them teach it, and it was certainly illuminating to hear someone teach the political status quo, not history and (poor) public policy taught in the most unbiased manner possible.

    That, would obviously include some elaboration regarding the difference between the terms “illegal” and “criminal,” which he also did not address directly. Do I have any doubt that the critical distinction between them was not addressed in order to not discredit what is still common nearly ubiquitous rhetoric versus factual information? No doubts here.

  30. As a person who deals in the field of agriculture I frequently use Botonical literature in recognizing certain plant identification. Recently doing tree surveys on the military bases that perforate the Hawaiian islands I came across information regarding cannabis cited by a leading Botinist of her time. This text book was the foremost literature of its time until 2000. Although her description of cannabis was clear and decisive when it came time to describe its functional uses, in which it’s industrial provaclivities were addressed, she also quoted
    that one of the effects of Marijuana when consumed is the individual inability to rationalize and has the tendency to “run Amok”. Well I am running amok as I speak so disregard everything I just wrote because it’s meaningless banter! Oh by the way…. “lock up ur daughters n wives n hide everything u own because I’m out of control and I’m running amok. I’m also going to run in a marathon

  31. Any problems associated with marijuana use exist solely in the minds of judges, and politicians, prosecutors, and police.
    Idaho lawmakers can take their drug courts, and mental health rehab programs and shove them.Idaho lawmakers you will get nowhere with me because I’ve done nothing wrong, and there is nothing wrong with me.

  32. Keith I have to disagree on a minor point. Although he was definitely a major part of pot prohibition Anslinger was just a puppet for his rich uncle, the real kingpin, Sec.of Treasury Andrew Mellon. I believe Mellon and associates had major banking investments in fossil fuel, cotton and paper pulp. He wanted to eliminate competition from hemp.

  33. I would just like to say to Pat Robertson that in the Bible it says that GOD not man GAVE man dominion over all the plants of the earth so if we are slaves to veggies it’s because GOD made us that way and since GOD is perfect and by default everything that he made is also perfect then I’m proud to be a slave to veggies. And I’m also proud to admit that I’ve been a slave to this particular veggie since I was twelve years old. I’m presently 54 years old I have my own home, am retired having worked 25 years, and have successfully raised one child all while being a slave to this plant PRAISE GOD!!!!!.

  34. A quick message to Pat Robertson the bible say that God created the plants of the field.
    And since God is perfect then what he created is also perfect. The bible also says that GOD not man gave man dominion over the plants of the field. So since God made this plant and gave man dominion over this plant then I’m proud to be a veggie slave.

  35. @fridayschild0215 – Obviously, Pat Robertson does not believe in the bible or the idea of a perfect god… He is just a silly old man who made millions bamboozling the ignorant masses (IMHO)

  36. It’s fine to laugh at Reefer Madness. But if it’s not countered with cannabis education, too many Americans will believe the madness. It happened in Florida.

    This time must be different. Beginning Sept. 1,2015 and airing until elections in 2016, The Silver Tour will air 1000 sixty second educational messages a week on the best news/talk stations in every state. We’ve negotiated a price so low that you won’t believe it. We will publish details, open a Go Fund Me and accept a limited number of sponsors when I return from the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Fran. Look for me at the Silver Tour booth.

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