Peek Into Uruguay’s Legal Marijuana Scene

MERRY JANE, a premiere cannabis and pop culture media platform, is investigating cannabis globally in their new original series, “Wide World of Cannabis,” which premiered Wednesday. The first episode, “Uruguay Part 1” travels to South America to explore the first country in the world to completely legalize recreational and medical marijuana. This is just the start of MERRY JANE’s deep dive into cannabis use around the world.

MERRY JANE was recently launched by entertainment icon, Snoop Dogg, and media entrepreneur, Ted Chung. The website, including partners Seth Rogen, Guy Oseary and Miley Cyrus, features the latest news on cannabis, business and entertainment, as well as a location mapping service for dispensaries and an encyclopedia of all things cannabis.

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  1. Watched the video, it sent me on a stream of consciousness, like I had just visited Uruguay… fantastic… I’m fortunate enough to live in Denver, so it’s (amazingly) familiar to me, the dispensaries and expos… yet, this humble south american country has “bested” USA in this regard, by legalizing nationwide.

    But we have Snoop Dog! So there! And now we have the Snoop Dog channel Merry Jane, cool concept.

    I’m drifting here, but remember that hilarious scene from one of The Wash movies, where Snoop is buying weed from Tommy Chong? So Tommy sells him the big bag of weed, then the small bag of weed, but won’t sell him the tiny pinch in his pocket: Durbin Poison! The bud was so hype, he rode his bike all the way from Northern California to get there, or something like that?

    Hilarious because it’s true-ish: I can go to a dispensary here in Denver and pick up Durbin Poison just about any time, and I can even get it in bubble hash form. It’s the ultimate sativa. Plan on staying up all night doing something creative!

    Thank you to all the activists that have brought us to this point, where civilization is in view. Remember, they still hang drug users in Iran! That’s no shit. Please don’t let USA go fascist. Socialist? Fine! But we gotta be free to consume cannabis, or we ain’t much free at all.

    1. Thanks @Mark for mentioning doing something creative, one stoner stereotype is the oft repeated mantra about toking to “relax in the evening” which only lets the carbon monoxide take over, for best results we need to breath firmly and do stuff.

      Recommended strategy is to toke early, like 6:66 a.m. and do 90 minutes of energetic stuff (like clipping weeds and eyepoke-low branches in the hood), all the while thinking up dozens of serious pro-environment ideas.

      1. @ mexweed,
        Totally. And for many people, right before exercise is the perfect time to toke up, and I think there’s some science on that, in fact I believe I read it on this NORML blog awhile back. Cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically.

  2. And it wasn’t long ago that Snoop was getting arrested with Willie Nelson in some po-dunk west Texas county just to fill some jail cells paid for by a federal grant, paid for by our federal income tax! How far weve come as a Global cannabis consuming society.

    Not long ago I wrote a scathing post about Uruguay that continues to struggle with socioeconomic inequality since the Indians were wiped out by the European invasion. But I believe its the conscious responsibility that a culture embraces over its past transgressions that allow societies to evolve, look at their agricultural sustainability and change their perspective and ultimately our drug policies.
    Marijuana helps us achieve this homeostasis, to see within ourselves, our history and our culture, and find the socioeconomic balance we can achieve within a free cannabis market. Uruguay is doing it. And they are evolving. 4 states in the U.S. are achieving these goals; and it is truly amazing to watch the bullies and the profiteers reveal themselves to a uniting demand for fairly regulated marijuana legalization.

    With the UNGASS meeting looming up this April, one can not only imagine but now participate in the conversation, contact our representatives and be a part of history in progress. First, all we have to do is take a puff and be honest with ourselves, then share the knowledge of legalization with others.

    “Open your eyes and look within
    Are you satisfied with the life you’re livin?”

    -Robert Nesta Marley

  3. A great video. Among the things it shows is that people in Uruguay are really no different from anyone else. You see tats, beards, “bros,” etc. Certainly not the type of people one might “expect” to see in a, you know, socialist country.

    This just further illustrates the fact that more Americans should get out and see the world (if they can afford to) before issuing blanket judgments about others.

    I saw a freedom in the Netherlands in my two trips there in the 2000s that was refreshing, having come from the uptight, militaristic USA.

    Many Americans have it in their heads that we are the only “free” country in the world. Like I say, they should get out and see the rest of the world. Not every country outside the USA is a tyrannical hellhole, in which all of its citizens can’t wait to murder Americans. We get far too much of our information from movies; and we often don’t realize just how heavily propagandized we are by our corporate “free” press!

    1. Well said. As the lion’s share of instability in the world centers in the middle east, Africa and Russia, it is past time that we have a president that leads us out of the failed drug war and stabilizes the Americas now while we have the chance. The Organization of American States has been trying to unite the American nations for decades, but the drug war, Corporate profiteering and CIA toppling of Democratically elected LATAM nations keeps getting in the way of lasting peace from Canada to Argentina.

      President Obama will be visiting Buenos Aires after Cuba, just across the bay from Montevideo, Uruguay, now that the evil Cristina Kirschner is gone from the Argentine presidency, leaving only Brazil and a destabalized Venezuela to contend with to get a unified American drug policy reform at the upcoming UNGASS meeting. A surprise visit to Uruguay by the Obamas would just make me choke a toke and cry tears of joy.

      It was incredible watching President Obama redifine our sense of socialism as he stepped off the plane today in Cuba, the first President to do so in 88 years. He has helped broker the end of “Che Guevarra style socialist” armed guerillas in Colombia while a Democratic Socialist movement emerges here in the U.S. Perhaps for this, and by maintaining a DOJ policy to “stay out of the way” of state marijuana policy, President Obama could even be forgiven for Libya and earn his Nobel Peace prize if he just descheduled marijuana by executive order after elections this November.
      But our closet neighbors remain more isolated than ever;
      The violence in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico will not be silenced by skipping all around the wounds our US drug policy created. It’s passed time to heal and end the failed drug wars internationaly once and for all.

      1. @ Julian,

        Thanks brother. You always give informative posts; they’re always a pleasure to read. I definitely agree that it’s time to end this BS with Cuba, and I think it would be the cherry on the banana split if Obama were to deschedule MJ.

  4. @ Mark Mitcham,

    My wife and I visited Denver the year after you guys legalized recreational, and I can attest to your revelations about living in Denver. We scored Chem 4, Jack the Ripper and Black Bubba, and they were exquisite.

    In fact, I’m jealous as hell. Next spring, not next month but next year, we’re gonna try to pay a return visit to your great city. Go see the Rockies and catch a rocky mountain high.

      1. @ HERB.SYSTEMS,

        Oh, believe me, I want to. I think that part of the country is absolutely beautiful. Catching a good buzz while taking in those sights would make ’em even more beautiful.

    1. @ Evening Bud,
      Will do! And, thanks!
      So you’ve seen what I’m talking about, the wide selections, all that bud!! As a child of the 60’s, I thought I’d never see the day!

      But I mention all this on this blog, not to make people jealous as hell (sorry about that, no offense!) but rather, to let people in other places know what is possible, based on what is reality, here and now; and maybe even to insire hope.

      Here’s the bottom line for me: nobody should be arrested for marijuana. Anywhere. Period! It’s a moral issue for me ultimately, although I do readily concede that my movitations for going to protests, handing out leaflets, etc, involve a healthy amount of self-interest. But, it doesn’t end just because I got mine; we all in this together till the shit is over with.

      1. @ Mark,

        That’s a great attitude, thanks.

        And I knew you weren’t rubbing it in, but just explaining what it could be like for all of us. I got the exact same feeling in Denver I had when we went to Amsterdam: felt like a dream, a great dream. All the choices . . .

  5. Well, it’s not quite the tomato model: could you imagine farm machinery planting thousands of roadside acres, with feminized seeds…?!

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