The Clock Is Ticking: Register to Attend NORML’s 2016 Conference and Congressional Lobby Day!

lobby_day_2016We are ten days out from NORML’s 2016 Conference and Congressional Lobby Day and we are excited to share with you the full itinerary! Have you registered to attend? We have some fun events planned and it would be a shame for you to miss out!

Our ‘pre-registration’ social will be held at Eden Lounge the night of Sunday, May 22nd where we will have the place to ourselves for private mingling and relaxing. We’ll be welcoming those of you who are travelling from out of town and getting you checked into the event so you won’t have to worry about a thing on Monday morning. This party is free for those who pre-register for our Conference and Lobby Day but for those who wait till the last minute, you will have to pay a cover charge.

On Tuesday, May 24, during our morning reception on the Hill we have confirmed the participation of three prominent members of Congress: Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) and Congresswoman Suzan Delbene (D-WA). Each of them will take time to address NORML’s attendees. This is a unique chance to meet with and hear directly from some of our nation’s most important marijuana law reformers in an intimate setting. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into the progress we are making at the federal level. Have you ever had the opportunity to speak directly with a member of Congress? Now is your chance!

We already know you care about marijuana law reform. But now it’s time to take your efforts to the next level! Join us in Washington, DC May 22-24 and tell Congress that it’s time to legalize the responsible adult use of marijuana.

Register now to attend NORML’s 2016 Conference and Congressional Lobby Day!

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  1. Not a single post for Congressional lobby day? Citizen lobbying is legalizing marijuana and it is a wonderful, empowering experience.
    With that said, I never ask NORML to create a blog, but I just read this article from the Guardian and believe it deserves some marijuana and concussion-discussion;

    Including Nate Jackson or even former NFL players, like Jim McMahon and Ricky Williams, what can we do to help write NFL policy so that players get private treatment from Nurse Practicioners without conflicting with public consumption or Federal law?

  2. I don’t know Julian, all my representatives already support legalizing marijuana and the ones that don’t, just continue lying about it to me, to the police and everyone else. Everyone with more than half a brain has known this whole time that marijuana isn’t supposed to be illegal. Even some of the folks that support it being illegal acknowledge it is nothing more than a non-constitutional money maker, but they like it anyway. They are sociopathic–they would like to see the police continue having extra-constitutional powers–they narcissistically believe that the authority to abuse will never be turned against them and then when it is, they have no recourse just like everyone else already sucked into this non-justice system.

  3. “My representatives already support legalization,”
    All the more reason to improve the laws they pass and keep regulation going. You once said we “don’t need an amendment” to our Constitution because prohibition is already unconstitutional. But that’s a self defeating attitude. Then how will we prevent prohibition from ever happening again? While you are correct marijuana prohibition is most certainly unconstitutional, I was looking at the continuing education and future lobbying focus of legalization; don’t think for once that if we sit on our laurels, throw our hands up and say “ok, great, we did it,” that we won’t have legalization taken from us or the tax scheme for continuing public education, government and nurse practitioner certification, reform of Child Protective Service or the whole damn thing repealed. We don’t need a licence to sign in to our Congressman’s office to be a citizen lobbyist; just some nerve, some truth and a clear voice. Hell, I’m conservative progressive liberal yet I still write my R. rep. Lamar Smith and this asshole will probably vote against our veterans marijuana bill, turn around and say he “fights for veterans,” even though the Texas Republican convention just added improving our medical marijuana law to the platform! Only thing stopping me from flying up there and getting in his ugly face is that my vacation money is going to Orlando and Puerto Vallarta this year. (DC was last year… But it’s so worth it if youve never been… At least Orlando decriminalized… Waiting in the Dumbo line just got a little easier for Daddy…)

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