Historic: Decriminalization is Scheduled to Be Heard on the Texas House Floor

Texas-NORMLOn May 11, new ground will be broken in Texas politics and the marijuana movement.

HB 81, to decriminalize marijuana from jail time to a simple ticket, will be heard by the full Texas House.

This is unprecedented as sensible sentencing reform has not been debated from the house floor since 1973, , when Texas changed their laws to their current state (previously, you could face life in jail for small amounts of possession).

Are you a TX resident? Contact your lawmakers RIGHT NOW and urge them to support HB 81.

Know people in Texas? Send them this information and have them contact their lawmakers.

“This bill is about good government and efficient use of resources,” said Rep. Joe Moody, sponsor of HB 81, “Arrests and criminal prosecutions of low-level marijuana cases distract law enforcement and prosecutors, leaving fewer resources for violent crime.”

You can read more about the effort from Texas NORML and support their work  here.



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  1. Without going into broad explitives, I feel a bit like Charlie from Its Always Sunny when he was on his Wild Card rant:

    While its SO disappointing HB2107 didnt make it through the Calendar in time for a House vote, HB81 is a definite reason to scream “Wild Card #!+€£$!”

    This history making on its own, considering our NORML founder Keith Stroup was one of the last people to pass marijuana reform in Texas way back when he decriminalized marijuana from LIFE IN PRISON way back in 1973. (Sounds like an old Hank Jr song, “…tried to kill me back in 1973… Hank why do you blow smoke?”)
    But before I start giving accolades to all the wonderful people that got us here, lets give a great round of applause to the patient advocates and their parents that warmed the hearts of the Texas House in their efforts to pass HB2107… We wouldnt be here without you! I know, because my Representative Jason Isaac, R-Dripping Springs who cosponsored HB81 with Joe Moody early on TOLD me so! You all are true Texas heroes! Now lets decriminalize!
    A special note to those parents of sick children in need of whole plant cannabis in Texas; Even if the Texas Compassionate Use Program (TCUP) is effectively useless to your child, if we decriminalize, enroll anyway! Rep. Isaac just passed an amendment Monday, HB7, to prevent CPS from prosecuting parents whose children are legally enrolled in TCUP!
    Thank you Justin and Kevin for giving this historic moment the attention it deserves. Texan refugees can still use an old address in Texas to contact our state Reps on this issue so click that link above!

  2. Special thanks to the Texas women who lead the way to this moment: Not only the mothers of sick children who have fought so hard (God Bless You all), but to Jax Finkle, Executive Director of Texas NORML, and Heather Fazio of MPP’s Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy and last but not least, thanks to Kim Ogg, DA of Harris County who set up a momentous domino effect from Houston to Austin that set the House into a buzz at the beginning of this session to decriminalize marijuana. (“That saved HOW much money$?!”) Thank you to Representatives Moody and Isaac for showing us what bipartisan, real “America First” legislation looks like.
    As I began on a quote in my previous post from “Always Sunny,” I find it appropriate to end with a solemn quote from the Bible, which I encourage Texans to use frequently on our fellow Christian State Reps and Senators… (and Governors… bring some Holy Water…) …who wish to seek “higher” moral ground on the issue of marijuana reform:

    “‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ And the Lord said, ‘Even what you did for the least of these my brethren, you did it for Me.”
    Mathew 25:44

  3. I still see a rising hurdle from the position of the new administration.

    Don’t get me wrong, all progress is excellent progress, but I feel like a storm is looming.

  4. Stop charges on marijuana in Texas. Stupid people. Thought we are suppose to be free. Look how many jobs it would make. We know that are government is all about making money.

  5. Just got off the phone with Alec from Rep. Isaac’s office and it looks as though HB81 is not going to be called before the midnight deadline. Disappointing is an understatement. I’ll be venting at the marijuana march this Saturday, demanding an amendment for HB2107 and HB82 be added to other bills pending.
    I’ll post anything I hear from Isaac’s office here after contacting Jax.
    Live coverage of the House voting is covered here:
    For anyone hanging on to the faint hope of a roll call on HB81… and I do mean “faint” because the only reason Ill be listening until midnight is because Ill be putting epoxy down on my garage, drinking beer and hopefully the weed will keep me from fainting into the epoxy floor. 🙁

    As I stated in another post, to explain this tyrannical injustice we call the Texas legislature, click on this link to “Always Sunny” to explain how Democracy does not work:
    We do not have a Democracy, we have a Democratic Republic, and here in Texas the Republican hot potato of musical chairs we call a legislature is looking more like an auction block for freedom every day.
    But we must keep fighting.
    (2 B continued…)

    1. Julian,

      Thanks for all the updates regarding Texas, and all your tireless work! The day Texas finally joins the 21st Century and legalizes–hopefully before I’m deceased–I’ll spark some good shit in a toast to you!

  6. But my interest in the function (or disfunction) of our legal system… a side effect of my consumption of marijuana under prohibition… lead me to recognize a severely bad law we need to stop in Texas before a vote tomorrow; As I was watching the live coverage I heard this bill get postponed until tomorrow by Republican Representative Jodie Laubenburg:


    The word “crosscheck” sounded an alarm. Texas does not yet have the crosscheck program which stole the election through voter caging for Trump:


    As I requested feedback on HB81 from Isaac, I requested he vote NO to HB3422. If we want a chance at Democracy, much less voter initiative in Texas, encourage your House member to say NO too… the Crosscheck Program stole the election for Trump… not James Comey.
    Meanwhile, As Trump kicks up a $#!+storm with firing of FBI director James Comey, his “advisory” team that will use our tax dollars to look into voter “fraud” of millions of illegal immigrants that never voted during the last election is vice chaired by none other than the Kansas Ag and Koch-lackey who created the unconstitutional Crosscheck program himself, Kris Kobach:

    What coorelation does this have with the failure to rollcall HB81? Its the same game of putting the fox in charge of the hen house and letting the guilty investigate themselves. If we dont participate continuously in our Democracy bad laws will get passed. Keep fighting… keep resisting… keep citizen lobbying… keep marching… and we will succeed in the victory of our own freedom.

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