Setting the Record Straight

HumboldtOne of NORML’s primary missions is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults. One of the ways we successfully achieve this goal is by debunking marijuana myths and half-truths via the publication of timely op-eds in online and print media. Since the mainstream media seldom casts a critical eye toward many of the more over-the-top claims about cannabis, we take it upon ourselves to set the record straight.

The majority of NORML’s rebuttals are penned by Deputy Director Paul Armentano. In the past few weeks, he has published numerous op-eds rebuking a litany of popular, but altogether specious claims about the cannabis plant – including the contentions that cannabis consumption is linked to heart attacks, psychosis, violence, and a rise in emergency room visits and traffic fatalities, among other allegations.

Below are links to a sampling of his recent columns.:

Blowing up the big marijuana IQ myth — The science points to zero effect on your smarts

Blowing the lid off the ‘marijuana treatment’ racket

The five biggest marijuana myths and how to debunk them

It took just one distorted study for the media to freak out over health risks marijuana

Cannabis mitigates opioid abuse — the science says so

Three new marijuana myth-busting studies that the mainstream media isn’t picking up on

For a broader sampling of NORML-centric columns and media hits, please visit NORML’s ‘In the Media’ archive here.

If you see the importance of NORML’s educational and media outreach efforts, please feel free to show your support by making a contribution here.

6 thoughts

  1. We all owe a great debt of gratitude as Americans for what Deputy Director Paul Armentano has done for freedom and the legalization of marijuana in our country. Thanks Paul!!!

  2. Facts only matter to those with some degree of respect for Truth.

    If I could share one piece of advice about the so-called “debate” about cannabis, it is this: beware of “one-way” motherfuckers!

    Here’s what I mean: Don’t be fooled by those who pretend to be having a two-way conversation with you, when they are actually, and deceptively, engaging in a one-way marketing campaign with you as the target.

    These people are only pretending to be engaged in the conversation, when in fact, they are engaged in manipulation. These people have no respect for Truth, thus nothing you say will matter to them. Learn to recognize this when it occurs. They stick around and pretend to listen to you, because they have an alternative agenda, which is to manipulate you, and to market to you, and to put you under their political control.

    Be advised to recognize this situation when it occurs. This will allow you to prevent the prohibitionist from a) feeding you misinformation (alt-facts); and b) wasting your time and effort (like talking to the wall, or arguing with a TV set); c) playing you for a fool (for their own sadistic pleasure and sense of superiority.)

    For those who respect Truth, we won the argument decades ago.

    The facts will prevail; thanks to NORML, and all who have stuck up for Truth and Justice in this protracted crime against humanity called “War On Drugs.”

  3. The FDA is seeking public comments on descheduling CBD to submit to the World Health Organization at the United Nations:

    Can we organize NORML members to create a mass media response to deschedule whole plant marijuana until their website crashes?

    What networks could we get to cooperate? Bill Maher and John Oliver over at HBO? The DPA? Justin; Paul; Kevin; Keith; Eric; can you make a few phone calls and see what we can get going?

    We could keep the message simple. “Deschedule whole plant marijuana.”

    We have at least three weeks to submit comments to the FDA.

    BTW; Eric, I know youre the acting executive director of National NORML because I just met with you last month… but ya think we can update the “About NORML” link? Even google still thinks Allen is our Ex. Director. 🙂

    1. Clarification:
      Until the FDA website crashes! (Not NORML’s!)…Although if so many people were clicking on the ACT tab and writing their Congressman that this website crashed I dont necessarily think that would be a bad thing.
      Incidentally, if is supporting Nazis now, who is the provider that shuts their website down? I don’t think its GoDaddy…

  4. Ah, the great American “free” press. One of the best conveyors of propaganda in the world. Nice to see Paul Armentano exposing and slapping down some of its BS.

    Trump is not too far off when referring to it as the “fake media.” The irony in his case, tho, is that it was that fake media that got him into the white house. I’m sure the CEOs at CNN and MSNBC have been shocked at his ingratitude. Without the 24/7 coverage they gave him–compared to what? One percent of coverage of Bernie Sanders–Trump would’ve never been elected.

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