Washington State Responds To Attorney General Sessions’ Veiled Threats

Jeff_Sessions_(29299022521)As first reported by Tom Angell of MassRoots.com, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson responded to a July 24 letter from US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in which Sessions’ made multiple allegations all based on a single misleading 2016 report.

One would say, they didn’t pull any punches:

“Your letter, citing the March 2016 Northwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (NW HIDTA) report on marijuana in Washington, makes a number of allegations that are outdated, incorrect, or based on incomplete information.”


Cutting right to the heart of the matter, i.e. facts, the Washington state leaders again articulated their desire to educate the (seemingly willing) ignorant Sessions.

“We have twice requested an in-person meeting with you because we believe it will lead to better understanding than exchanging letters. If we can engage in a more direct dialogue, we might avoid this sort of miscommunication and make progress on the issues that are important to both of us. We therefore reiterate our request to meet with you, followed by further appropriate meetings between state and DOJ officials.”


One of the most basic functions of government is to simply provide consistency and certainty in law enforcement. So after repeated efforts by the state’s leadership to receive clarification, basic facets of the Department of Justice’s approach are still unknown. In yet another attempt for guidance, the Governor and state Attorney General requested information on:

  • Whether DOJ intends to follow recommendations from its Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety—in particular, its reported recommendation to continue previous federal policy on state legalization of marijuana.
  • Whether President Trump’s previous statements of support for medical marijuana, and leaving recreational marijuana legalization to the states, represent the policy of the federal government.
  • Whether DOJ will support reasonable federal policies allowing financial institutions to provide service to licensed marijuana businesses, in order to avoid the public safety risks and transparency problems associated with all-cash businesses.
  • How state-regulated marijuana should be treated by the federal government following the President’s declaration that the opioid crisis constitutes a national emergency, and whether the federal government will support objective, independent research into the effects of marijuana law reform on opioid use and abuse.
  • Whether the federal government will help protect public health by supporting agricultural research on the safety of pesticides used in marijuana cultivation.
  • Whether the federal government will support research into expedited roadside DUI testing methods for law enforcement, as alternatives to blood draws.


How Attorney General Sessions will respond, only time will tell.

You can click HERE to send a message to your Representative to urge their support for The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act, bipartisan legislation to prevent the Department of Justice from enforcing federal prohibition in states that have chosen to legalize medical or adult-use marijuana.

You can view the full letter from Governor Inslee and AG Ferguson below:

Washington Officials Respond to Sessions Marijuana Letter by tomangell on Scribd

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  1. Hey, Republicans!
    It is your job to clean up all that poop on the carpet, because Sessions is your very bad dog. And, if you won’t do it, all of you must leave.

  2. I’m sure AGs Holder and Rice provided “a well regulated system” for Marijuana production and sales in Washington state. Like, “Do what you want.”

  3. Jefferson Davis Beauregard Sessions III seems a lot like a Nazi War Pig. He has little regard for the will of the people, the welfare of this country, or for science. He seems very racist and authoritarian.

    We must fight this kind of Alt-Right extremism that has found it’s way to the top of the American food chain!!!

  4. The “Honorable” Jefferson B. Sessions III?

    “Honorable”, my ass. More like scumbag. Nothing honorable about being a white-supremacist Nazi.

    Jefferson “Peckerwood” Sessions is what it says on his birth certificate, if I’m not mistaken! …From Kenya, or Krispy Keebler Kookies, or whatever alien planet he comes from.

  5. Interesting that Washington state wants the Feds to legalize marijuana now when the entire reason for state by state approval is that the FDA would not approve it with no restrictions because their is no evidence it is completely safe like an over the counter drug. Nothing has changed in that regard. The FDA works based on evidence not public opinion. The FDA was willing to approve but with restrictions that marijuana users and activists didn’t want. Get your facts correct.

    1. “the FDA would not approve it with no restrictions because their is no evidence it is completely safe like an over the counter drug.”

      Cannabis is much safer than over the counter drugs like aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, Nyquil, Sudafed and many others and as far as FDA approved drugs that are prescription only, the list of pharmaceuticals more dangerous than cannabis is much too long to post here, but includes drugs like OxyContin that kills many people everyday from overdose.

      I have been micro-dosing high THC cannabis oil every night before bedtime extracted from cannabis I legally grow in Colorado for about two years now and the way it is positively affecting my age related issues like sensitivity to cold weather, blood oxygen, intestinal health, sleep and much more is amazing and I take it in such small doses (10mg) that I don’t get high. Everyone over 55 should check it out and see for themselves.

    2. The doubts about cannabis safety persist because of a lack of serious consideration for:
      (a) MICRODOSAGE equipment, such as 25-mg Flexdrawtube Oneheater (see “Make-Pipes-from-Everyday-Objects”) replacing hot burning overdose 500-mg “joint”
      (b) education of public to replace $moking (CO and Combustion toxins) with techniques for VAPING (including with a Oneheater, though beginners may first try to $moke with it):
      “Hold flametip 2″ below, suck smoooooooth, slow, don’t start glow till after 19 seconds or so.”

    3. The “entire reason for state by state approval” of legalized marijuana is because the FDA-DEA-NIDA triad has consistently denied facts, science and federal approval. I wonder if you work for them? The FDA is designed by Big Pharma and the US patenting office to approve synthetic molecules for profit. Since we cant logically patent an entire plant Big Pharma cant own the whole plant; only prohibit and destroy it. Furthermore, legalizing potentially home grown medicine is not in the profit model for what Big Pharma wants to prescribe as “medicine.”

      Synthetics bond with unintended molecules creating harmful side effects within our bodies. The balance of cannabinoids and terpenes in whole plant marijuana allow our endocannabinoid systems to achieve homeostasis without harming neuroreceptors while nourishing the brain and vital organs.

      “No evidence [marijuana] is completely safe?” You mean like the 25,000 studies of marijuana’s medical efficacy on PubMed? Or the thousands of links on this webpage? You must be smoking synthetics.

      State legalization using voter initiatives was the only way to resist a racist, predatory federal scheduling policy under the Controlled Substances Act. Don’t make the FDA into some kind of hero over legalization when they have been a synthesized obstacle all along. Get your facts straight.

    4. Geez, talking about twisting facts. First, it’s not an either or thing, as you insinuate. Washington state is smart to legalize, using its in-state procedures. But’s it also smart for them to want the Feds to get on board–for many obvious reasons, including banking!

      Also, “the entire reason for state by state approval is that the FDA would not approve it with no restrictions . . . ” is pure baloney. It’s not worth recounting the many reasons Washington and other states have legalized, as you will undoubtedly ignore them anyway, so I won’t bother trying to educate you.

      You are an obvious troll, and a poorly-informed one at that. Email you bud, Sessions, and tell him to give you better talking points.

      1. I chuckled on that post, Bud. You said “better talking points” and here I was trying to educate this troll… haha…

  6. Sessions is not fit for purpose. He’s morally and intellectually retarded, but that’s beside the point. He’s a perjurer/liar and has no business being the top law enforcement officer in the land. He belongs in jail.

  7. If Sessions won’t do his job, someone needs to step in. He has no real qualifications for the job anyway, and certainly no real understanding of the needs of citizens and of law enforcement. I live in Denver, and the police here do not want Sessions messing up a good thing!

  8. “Cutting right to the heart of the matter, i.e. facts….” Bwahahahahah

    They’re using facts alright, it’s just those alternative facts they turn to whenever they get stuck with a square peg round hole problem. Eventually they find a lie that suffices their needs. They wouldn’t know shame if it smacked them in the face.

  9. FAST:13 month old data.
    THOUGHTFUL: Due diligence..You betcha. THOROUGH:Didn’t know the next NW HIDTA report was due out in 7 or 8 days after their mailing or there was a Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board report that answered many of DOJS concerns. If this is the level of Sessions support, toker paranoia should wane..

  10. Jeff”s mind is so closed a crowbar couldn’t open it.You have to be a complete idiot not to research and notice the findings and testamonies.How many more children with epilepsy are you going to let suffer Jeff? Open a link instead of your wallet filled with dirty money from the deadly Pharmaceutical Companies.
    It’s a herb! Like other Herb’s that have Medicinal benefits I don’t see you making oregano illegal! You should be the poster child for reefer madness! Be careful what you wish for,your old ass just might need Cbd oil maybe it will grow you some brain cells!

  11. This is my body and I should be able to put anything I want to put in it . I have a right to pursue happiness and if it makes me happy it should be none of no one’s business . No matter what our representatives say because they have shown ” the will of the people doesn’t matter to them at all”. It’s the will of the people with the money that matters to them!

  12. “The FDA works based on evidence not public opinion.” How do you know that, Attorney General Sessions? Prohibition violates quite blatantly the Bill of Rights which is the real law of this land. Does that matter to you, Attorney General Sessions?

    Further reading: Weed is a religion in Jamaica and peaceable assembly anywhere, and needs to be redressed since identified as medicine (Amendment 1), micromanaging our homes and families is not allowed since we are not at war with plants (Amendment 3), seizure of assets for growing medicine is unreasonable (Amendment 4), compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor is not taken seriously when the FDA states “there is no evidence it is completely safe like an over the counter drug” (Amendment 6), common law applies since most people have long favored legalization (Amendment 7), cruel punishment for growing medicine, FDA get your facts correct, (Amendment 8), and the right to new vices (Amendment 9).

  13. why is this THE ONE area where Republicans seem bent on going against their own stated policies of leaving decisions up to individual states, of personal freedom?

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