Talk About Marijuana At Thanksgiving This Year

turkey-jointWe have much to be thankful for this year. Lawmakers in 26 states have passed legislation to advance cannabis reform, including New Hampshire becoming the 22nd state to decriminalize marijuana and West Virginia becoming the 30th state to pass a medical marijuana program.

This progress has come as a result of years of organizing and conversations with our fellow citizens about the role of government in relationship to a plant. Having the tough conversations about the scope of the government’s right to stop, search, and incarcerate individuals for possessing or consuming marijuana for either personal or medical benefits.

And now for the first time ever, Gallup polling recorded outright majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents supporting the legalization of marijuana. The only way to find out if this includes your aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives is if you bring it up.

So use us as a resource – has FactsheetsTalking Points, and you can even pass your phone or computer around the table to have your friends and family contact their lawmakers right then and there to support reform in our Action Center.

As we look toward an uncertain future, we know we must work to both sustain our existing gains and to win future victories. With your continued financial support, we are confident that we can bring the era of marijuana prohibition to an end and usher in the new era of legalization. Together, we will be unstoppable. Together, we WILL legalize marijuana across this great country.

From all of us at NORML to all of you, we hope you have a hempy and happy Thanksgiving.



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to all.


    I have some errands to run this evening so I will not be back to add to this until later, but I wanted to post this as I just saw it before I left.

    Apparent plans?

    Disturbing, but I hope Sessions is paying attention to his predecessor on this, and the comments section!

    Back later, all, and have a blessed Thanksgiving. Let us be THANKFUL for legalization. We are strong.


    1. Hi everyone….my final post on this article, but something I am thankful for…looks like I will not be offline for three months after all. Had the issue resolved, so I should be here to join you in discussion regarding what happens Dec. 8th.

      Remember to write your reps. The future of legalization depends on it! If we cannot renew the admend. it will open the door for Sessions, and if he moves quickly enough he could do alot of damage.



  2. “Talk” about marijuana? How bout spike the adult turkey with concentrate and “Act” marijuana!

    Here’s a holiday recipe for happiness:

    1). Create a separate menu, table, venue and entertainment for the kids.

    2). Then set the table for the adults, spiking (basting) the turkey with marijuana concentrate. (Baste mj concentrate after cooking! The turkey is plenty hot out of the fryer or oven to put in stuffing or gravy).

    3). Then have an adult bbq and/or bonfire outside for the roudy relatives. This is where the mj smokers hang out. Use the excuse of frying a turkey why children are not aloud outside, or near the adult fire. (If you have the yard space a seperate stone fire for kids and marshmallows is a good distraction).

    4). If you havn’t already accumulated voter registration cards from your motor vehicle registration office print some out and have them ready for the 18-year-olds and anyone in “that” conversation. If you don’t vote you don’t get to complain!!!

    5). Do some vetting for potential candidates in the districts and counties of relatives that are visiting. Print it out. Hand the stats to them. Let THEM ask questions.

    6). As for those relatives that support prohibitionists, if nothing else, get high with them.

    7). Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I should elaborate the recipe… if you can’t make your own marijuana concentrate to infuse your Thanksgiving, mix some ground marijuana into some butter, baste it into the stuffing and allow the bird to finish cooking in the bbq outdoors. Use a small turkey as its only for the adults and it cooks better on a rotissery.

    Otherwise, take cut portions of precooked turkey to the grill outside and place them into a grillable pan with all your favorite herbs and oils for a light fusion. Not too hot! You’re just fusing your grounds, not boiling them!

    Or just bring some precooked medibles and be done with it.

    Happy Thanksgiving NORML!

    1. The basted turkey would not fly at our party.

      Dain Bramage, you are obviously hysterical. Maybe you are mentally ill, too. Plenty of marijuana advocates voted for Trump – several in my own friend goup. I guess the Democrats take us all for suckers, running another Clinton. Obviously she was a loser’s bet. Get over it, recognize the legitimate president of the United States; or just shut up. He has three years. The level of your madness suggests to me he is going to own you for three more years. The rest of us are going to have to kiss the cousin we have. We can make progress with this president. He is the softest Republican president on marijuana, ever. Maybe you would have preferred to vote for “drug war architect” Joe Biden? Many Democrats, including Hillary and Joe, have criminalized and scorned marijuana. Get over your not so tragic loss, and let’s move on. Your blowtorch will drive potential allies – and their dollars – away from this site.

      1. @ saferinneworleans,
        No, you dumbass. Your support for Trump negates any “support” you might have for legalization. You defeat yourself, fool!

      2. Seriously, where do you get your news? Trump just nominated a crooked pharmaceutical industry hack for Secretary of Health and you think he’s the “softest” Republican on marijuana policy? Really? The guy who praises the assassin dictator Duterte for killing indiscriminate people in the name of a drug war? You mean THAT Donald J. Trump?

        Try reading the Washington Post, or independent news like Underreported World. Or here’s a wild thought… try at least reading the news on this fucking blog! Try perhaps starting back in Feb 2016 when rabid racist Keebler Elf and prohibitionist Senator Sessions endorsed Trump’s campaign. Did that raise any red flags for you before you voted against your own interests?! Catch up on the news, please, and THEN write back.

      3. HI Julian. I am from the New Orleans area and “saferinnewworleans” doesn’t speak for me. He doesn’t even speak for the people of New Orleans. Orleans Parish rejected Trump outright in the 2016 election, as did some other urban areas like Baton Rouge and Shreveport. However, sadly, Louisiana still went red, but that’s beside the point. “Saferinnewolreans” is really a rat in wolf’s clothing. How anyone could have voted for Trump knowing what he is baffles me. And “saferinneworleans” I will criticize Trump and his fascist minions any damn time I want. You clowns don’t intimidate me!

      4. No worries, Sean. I’ve been to New Orleans and met good people there. I know ol “Safer” is safely a hack. Notice how he never replies to any of our legitamate questions?

      5. Saferin etc,

        I don’t really want to pile on, as others here have adequately responded to your comment.

        I will just say, however, that I’ve been on this forum for years, long enough to remember the Con/Libertarian feeding frenzies against Pres Obama. “His jack-booted thugs gonna come and take our guns and pot away, etc etc”

        And during those feeding frenzies I don’t recall any Con/Libert ever giving a crap about alienating potential allies or their bucks. And it never once made me question my desire for MJ legalization. So spare me the kumbaya. I had to deal with it; now you do.

  4. I am grateful to have lived long enough to see legal dispensaries. This was, for me, an unimaginable possibility for most of my life. Then, it happened — correction: then, We The People made it happen. Thanks, activists and voters!

    I am grateful for the dramatic improvements in my health which legal quality cannabis has given me. Thank you, Cannabis! Thank you, growers and sellers!

    Finally, I am grateful for the rest of you who support marijuana legalization, and for the conversation we are having nationally and globally. Because of you, I know I am not alone in this struggle; one person speaking truth to power can be silenced or ignored, but not all of us. Thank you, brothers and sisters, for the solidarity!

    1. Hi Mark. I’m thankful to you and to the countless others on this forum for all of your good posts and for fighting that good fight and never giving an inch to these deplorable Trump sycophants. It’s most definitely a morale booster to read your posts. Please keep up the good work. Thanks!

  5. Stephen Colbert takes a bong hit while mocking Alex Jones;

    Not quite sure whether this was just mocking Jones, perhaps mocking Jones’ testimony concerning marijuana and his mental stability during his custody battle, definitely mocking crack dispensed from a pepper grinder or all of the above. With Stephen’s special brand of satire it’s hard to tell whether marijuana’s safety is in on the joke. But I laughed.

  6. CRITICAL, yet painful article….


    Folks…I may soon be offline for about three months. In the coming days, depending upon information, I will have updates on this, but I might not be back until February….

    This is a painful article, but here it is…and PLEASE CONTACT YOUR REPS. KEEP THIS AMENDMENT ALIVE OR WE COULD BE DOOMED.

    Article about how CRITICAL Dec. 8th is:

  7. Think about marijuana on Black Friday, too :).
    A nice ending to this article.

    Also…again….sigh…due to circumstances out of my control….I may, starting next Tues….be offline for about three months. I will have to find information on what happens on Dec. 8th from another source if my leave is confirmed, and will have updates on this in the coming days. I am most irritated about lack of Internet access if this happens, and possibly not being present to provide input on and immediately after Dec. 8th, but I will give an update if and when I do depart for said months.

    All I can say is, esp. per my last article post….PLEASE contact your Reps. Even if they are opposed to marijuana legalization, write them anyway! Give it everything you have, tell them about the desperate patients. Remind them of their duty to serve and represent ALL OF US, ESPECIALLY those LEAST amongst us, the sick, the poor, those in desperate need of relief from pain and suffering. Who benefit from marijuana, where evils like Big Pharma cannot provide for without severe consequences like addiction, poverty, death, crime. The real crime is Prohibition.

    Even if I am offline for three months, my friends, please know my passion will never die. With limited media access, I will try to stay as updated as possible about events around Dec. 8th and in the coming months. We CANNOT let Jeff Sessions start destroying everything we have made, the PROGRESS we have made. The article posted in my last post is OMINOUS…beecause if we fail on Dec. 8th….

    1. cont……

      Yeah, he is probably going to start a crackdown. We shut him down again….it MIGHT be the final stake driven into Prohibtion we need. (Once California is up and fully operational, Sessions is going to have an even bigger mess to “clean up,’ if he knows this, he is not going to take much longer at all to act).

      So, I will have updates before Tuesday, and I will keep them appropriate and appropriate length of posting. I am not happen that I might be away for three months, if it happens, but my spirit in the fight for legalization will be maintained. And I will be back as soon as I can be :). But I will keep everyone posted.

      The article about Black Friday:


      1. None of my business, but if it’s alcohol rehab, I will be waiting for you on the other side. Life with no booze and lots of weed is a healthy and sober lifestyle. For recovering alcoholics like me, it’s the only way to live!

  8. Speaking of shit stuffed up a turkey’s ass, it is now time for any Republicans who ARE NOT bigots, Nazis, rapists, and/or pedophiles to pull their collective heads out of their collective asses, and to reject the party of Trump and Moore and Sessions. You are complicit in their crimes, and it must end NOW.

    They are bad people, and they will not represent America much longer — in fact, they never did. The Trump administration is a criminal and traitorous enterprise, and wholly illegitimate.

    If you don’t reject and repudiate these sick bastards NOW, then you are just as bad as they are. And that is REAL fucking bad. Hurting children is as bad as it gets. This is your last chance to separate yourself from those traitorous scumbags.

    1. Allie Wen
      It’s funny how the party that worried so much about their daughters’ safety in bathrooms is now on record defending pedophilia.

    2. Dain Bramage, please see my reply, misplaced under Julian’s clever turkey basting post, above. Regards, SNO

      1. @ saferinneworleans,
        That’s fine, but I’m going to tell you again, because you seem to be a slow learner: Trump, and all he represents, is bad for marijuana legalization. Therefore, Trump supporters are bad for marijuana legalization. Thus, a Trump supporter like yourself, who claims to support marijuana legalization, is in fact working against the very cause of legalization they claim to support. This means they are either stupid or lying.

        I do not think you are stupid, Sir. I do question your integrity. I think your true agenda is Trump; I think you are here on this NORML blog, not to support marijuana legalization, but to promote Trump’s fascist agenda, using marijuana legalization as a marketing tool.

        I say you are full of shit.

    3. “Speaking of $#!+ stuffed up a turkey’s @$$…”

      Careful how you word it, Dain Bramage, don’t give’m any bad ideas. New York State is already making rectal and vaginal mj suppositories the law. So we can’t smoke it in NY but shoving it up our @$$ is ok? I understand we cant allow the “perfect be the enemy of the good” and I’m sure rectal and vaginal suppositories are good for specific ailments like colon or ovarian cancer but allowing that and outlawing smoked cannabis? If I were living in New York I’d roll that law up, light it and tell the state legslature where they can smoke it.

      1. THC suppositories? Kinda makes the stoner circle a bit awkward, doesn’t it? Eww.

      2. Lol… I’m going to safely bet that standing around in a circle staring at eachother in a public setting is NOT the way people are taking marijuana suppositories!
        Of course I didn’t hang out with the but-chug crowd in college. (A tampon dipped in alcohol… now that’s nasty!)
        Sounds like a private form of consumption one would hope. All I’m sayin is legalizing THAT and outlawing traditional smoking of marijuana (through the mouth, for all you college kids), is just a step worse into the “wrong” category, and I’m going to have some reaaaally inappropriate conversations with my state legislators if they try that $hit down here in Texas.

  9. I can only remember the joy of smoking that wonderful weed and to imagined all my friends from the past and those who have past on.

    About eating food laced with marijuana, be sure to warn people and also have a 45 minute timer before going after that second bite. I don’t think it would be a happy thanksgiving when people start barfing.

    1. Haha… point taken. Thats why I say grind it up for a “light” fusion. People dont want to break the buds up and thats how people get way too stoned. I should have said only a few grams of weed per bird with what we get these days too.

      And “spike” to me would only be my brothers and in laws who I know like medibles. Trick is not to overdo things.

  10. 1. Wait until children are coming to school high because of those parents who think it is okay;
    2. Wait until some teacher is teaching high &/or bus driver is driving while high, etc.;
    3. What will be the legal limit on blood THC?;
    4. If cigarettes are problematic & we continue to have ignorance on that…what will cannabis add to this ignorance???
    Then we will have more of this:
    “Police pulled a woman over for speeding in a school zone Tuesday, and came to find her and her passengers had been smoking marijuana
    Police pulled a woman over for speeding in a school zone Tuesday, and came to find her and her passengers had been smoking marijuana(shutterstock)”

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