Setting The Record Straight

revolutionbumperOne of NORML’s primary missions is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults. One of the ways we successfully achieve this goal is by debunking marijuana myths and half-truths via the publication of timely op-eds in online and print media. Since the mainstream media seldom casts a critical eye toward many of the more over-the-top claims about cannabis, we take it upon ourselves to set the record straight.

The majority of NORML’s rebuttals are penned by Deputy Director Paul Armentano. In the past few weeks, he has published numerous op-eds highlighting the therapeutic effects of marijuana, the racial disparities in prohibitions’ enforcement, and the overall need for reform.

Below are links to a sampling of his recent columns:

“Cannabis has a record of safety, efficacy”
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. November 23, 2017

“African Americans are disproportionately arrested for low-level marijuana violations — and the disparity is growing”
Alternet. November 21, 2017.

“Cannabis saves lives”
Santa Fe New Mexican. November 13, 2017

“Medical marijuana should be legal in Indiana”
Indianapolis Star. November 10, 2017

“How to heal our sick system for managing pain and fighting the opioid epidemic”
Los Angeles Times. November 3, 2017.

“American opinions have changed when it comes to marijuana, federal law should change too”
The Hill. October 28, 2017

For a broader sampling of NORML-centric columns and media hits, please visit NORML’s ‘In the Media’ archive here.

If you see the importance of NORML’s educational and media outreach efforts, please feel free to show your support by making a contribution here.

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  1. Speak Truth to power!
    Reefer Madness has metastasized into “alternative facts” but… A rose by any other name… still smells like Bullshit!

    And Paul is calling them out on it.
    Well done, Sir.

  2. Writing articles doesn’t even cover how often Deputy Director Armentano is quoted in other news articles to set the record straight;

    Although I’d follow up on this one Paul. The article ends that “the only thing that’s certain is that no one is certain.”
    Looking at the disinflammatory effects of CBD and omega 3’s contained in whole plant cannabis marijuana is treatment for myocarditis and may have prolonged the baby’s life and eased his suffering.

    As for the two doctors who sensationalized their case report as a blame on marijuana, then tried to say they weren’t, we need to keep a watch on Dr. Hoyte and Nappe. Sooner or later theres going to be a paper trail to the anti-marijuana owners of the patent on synthetic marijuana, dronabinol (marinol), which is Insys Therapeutics.

    The money trail is hidden in kickbacks, offshore stocks and investments and campaign donations. Hoyte and Nappe should get sued and subpeona’d.

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