Canada: House Members Overwhelmingly Pass Adult Use Regulation Bill

Canadian parliamentMembers of the Canadian House of Commons voted 200 to 82 to approve legislation that seeks to legalize and regulate the adult use cannabis market. Liberal Party members, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, back the measure, which now faces debate in the Senate.

The Cannabis Act, Bill C-45, amends the federal Controlled Drugs and Substances Act so that those over the age of 18 may legally possess, purchase, and grow personal use quantities of cannabis. It further seeks to establish rules and regulations governing the commercial production of retail cannabis products. Proponents of the legislation hope to have the new law in place by July 1, 2018.

Health Canada is presently seeking public feedback regarding the regulations. Written comments will be accepted through January 20, 2018.

Additional information regarding C-45 is available from NORML Canada. Updates regarding the text and status of the legislation is available from the Library of Parliament here.

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  1. Hurray! Way to go Canada! Leading the way, setting an example for the USA, also, other nations.

    Also, anyone wonder what Jeff Sessions is going to do if either Canada or Mexico fully legalizes? Hahaha, now he is REALLY going to be feeling the pressure!

    Oh, and btw, the United Nations cannot do much about it, and are unlikely to act, jmo.

    Great news!


  2. This the speed at which federal marijuana legalization happens in a nation that does not have predatory private insurance, unlimited campaign donations or an unnaccountable, saprophagic pharmaceutical lobby that has teamed up with a voter-caging treasonous administration and violent illegal poppy cartels.

    And despite all that toxic adversity we’re going to legalize marijuana in the United States anyway.

  3. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if America, “The Land of the Free”, was to set the standard which other nations would compare with? It is embarrassing that we have the highest prison population in the world and are governed by mostly greedy old men who could care less about their fellow Americans.

    Some may wonder how I could say such a thing but consider this: I am 60+ years old, served honorably in the USMC, and yet would be locked up if I got caught with even a single gram of cannabis here in Virginia. It wouldn’t matter to the authorities that I use it because it really helps me to feel much better both mentally and physically.

    The Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions would probably lock up more than half of all Americans if he could for using illegal drugs; i.e. Those drugs not created by the big pharmaceutical companies.

    It is really pathetic. I often wonder if I will every experience real freedom during my lifetime spend here in America. I think that if Trump and his kind have their way the answer is a clear “NO”.

    I must seriously consider moving to a more free country and Canada seems like it would be a great choice. However, I doubt that most Canadians would relish the idea of Americans moving into their country…

    1. Your point about gun control is noted. I get the feeling you are a states’ rights type of guy. So . . . do you think the state of Hawaii should not be allowed to set laws for their own state?

    1. and, after all, Jeff Sessions said we need ADULTS in charge, right?

      We MUST oppose any crackdown. The future is here, we can’t let these IDIOTS get in the way.

      Country run by old men, with old ideas. As a white man, why not? Old WHITE men.

      Enough is enough. We need to legalize in every city, every state, every club, every bar, wherever. I am sick and tired of a system that is SO oppressive toward those who just want some healthy, safe relief from stress, pain, anxiety, frustration. Our society is SO stressed out.

      Then all the prohibitionists, rehab consel., politicians, police ask why so many people get high and drunk over and over, turn the music up, lights off, lock the doors, and fly.

      And they wonder why.


      I wonder


      1. Republicans always say, when a Dem’s in the White House, that it’s time to put the “adults” in charge. Then they unleash the likes George (Idiot Boy) Bush and Donald Drumpf on the world, lol.

        The first one was reading “My Pet Goat” to little kids when we were hit on 9/11, and seemed dumbfounded when informed about the attacks–a look he would carry through his presidency. (Hell, when he had to testify to a committee about 9/11, his handlers insisted that Big Dick Cheney was also present to hold his wittle hand.)

        The second, Drumpf, regularly resembles a 4th-grader in most of his public appearances. I’ve always said GOPers like their prexies dumb as shit–greedy and dumb.

    1. btw, tax bill has passed in the committee, President Trump is speaking on the bill, live, right now, and, on CSPAN 2, the Democrats are attacking the tax plan, at least one, Senator Michael Bennet, who is attempting to convince his colleagues to destroy Trump’s evil bill. $14 BILLION in tax breaks for the middle class. Sounds great, right?

      But I need to keep my posts relevent. I just really hope we can renew RB on the 8th. With the government shutdown looming (Obama and Co. were intelligent enough to avert it, even if you are not fond of Obama, personally, I do like him, but to each his/her own….I don’t think Trump and his cronies possess the brains to avert it this time around, the fools will probably proclaim big (perhaps like Trump and his tax plan moments, or so, ago) and deliver next to nothin. Like on healthcare.

      RB is up for a fight on the 8th, esp. with Pete Sessions. I think the GOP is way ahead of us and is just WAITING to try the same explenitive again.

      Don’t let current politics faze or scare you. We are very strong, despite the tax bill, healthcare crisis, and Sessions and Co, etc. First off, Jeff Sessions WILL face a NASTY resistance, and he knows it, regardless of whatever he tries to do, inculding court action. Secondly, yes, we have done the max, legalization will never be stopped now.

      Good on our Canadian friends. Hope Mexico also joins in. This is my last post, as I have been way overdoing it lately, and my last post here was pretty emotional, but just write those Reps, lol, and don’t be afraid. There have been perhaps hundreds, maybe thousands of revolutions against evils in history, and this is just one more of them. With all the destruction and evil Trump and his lunatic associates do, all the evils, just like ISIS in Palmyra, we WILL rise again. Light over dark. Legalization over ignorance.

      Later, and keep focused on the 8th of December. Stand up, don’t be afraid.


      1. Matt, I hope you continue posting–I enjoy your posts. And even if you do let us occasionally peer through the window of your soul, that’s not a bad thing. (I believe I sometimes do that too.)

      2. Matt:
        While I applaud you for posting every post as IF it were your last, please do not declare as if it IS your last. You keep foreshadowing your own demise. That would be counterproductive to our movement. 🙂

        We refuse and resist marijuana prohibition until our last breath. That does not mean we have to announce when our last breath will BE every time we POST! (lol… let’s leave that up to fate shall we?)

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