Chuck Schumer To Introduce Comprehensive Marijuana Reform Legislation

In a video tweet posted on Vice News, Leader Schumer says:

“I’ll be introducing legislation to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, from one end of the country to the other.”

With this announcement, Senator Schumer has effectively made it clear that a legislative priority for the Democratic Party is to end the federal prohibition of marijuana. As Democratic Leader, it is his role to ensure that the caucus as a whole falls in line with this public policy position — a position that is held by more than 60 percent of Americans.

This legislative relief must come sooner rather than later. Over 600,000 Americans, a disproportionate percentage of which are black, brown, young, and poor, are arrested for violating marijuana laws annually. These people bear the greatest burden and lifelong consequences of this ongoing failed federal policy, and it is time for Congressional leaders to take a stand to right these past wrongs.

Vice reports: “The legislation, which his office expects will be released within the next week, has six main points. First, it would remove marijuana from Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of controlled substances, which would end federal prohibition and leave it up to states to decide how to regulate the drug. Schumer stopped short of calling it legalization, but de-scheduling would essentially make marijuana legal at the federal level.”

With Chuck Schumer now joining Senators Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Ron Wyden in sponsoring comprehensive marijuana law reform legislation, it is time for the Democratic party to speak with one voice. The Party must be clear and consistent in their intent to legalize marijuana, as well as expunge the criminal convictions that hold millions of Americans back from basic needs like employment, housing, and pathways to higher education.

As states start dialing back their war on marijuana consumers, it is important that those who were impacted by this oppressive prohibition are able to see previous harms remedied, and be provided the opportunity to participate in the benefits that come along with legalization and regulation. We fully applaud Senator Schumer acknowledging this reality with today’s announcement.

More information about Senator Schumer’s bill to come in the days ahead. 

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      1. Thanks for the Shoutout for a Democrat, CannaGary! Republicans are in short supply of sanity these days. That is what you meant, isn’t it?

      2. I am an independent that has lived with the Insanity of a failed War on Drugs costing Trillions for most of my life.
        When I speak of Sanity I am referring to a Fresh Approach, rescheduling Cannabis is probably the single most important step.

      3. That’s Democrats with marijuana legalization, then. It sure as hell ain’t the Republicans with their “hemp-friendly” drug war!

      4. Independents are no better than Republicans in 2018 and 2020. If you’re not against the Nazis, you are enabling them, by splitting the opposition vote.

        Do you, or do you not, fight fascism?

      5. I am an independent because I can’t get behind either party.
        Do not attempt to equate my independence to the selfish, right wing!
        America could benefit greatly by having more than a choice of only Republican or Democrat.
        Cannabis legalization will happen soon, there is too much money involved.

      6. CannaGary,
        I call bullshit. You started by attempting to decouple Schumer’s bill from credit to the Democratic Party, giving credit instead to an amorphous force called “Sanity.” But Schumer did this to credit the Democrats, not himself. So stop mischaracterizing the facts.

        As for you, if you vote third party, you are not supporting marijuana legalization. You are splitting the progressive vote.

        But you are not a progressive, are you? So this third party thing is just a sales pitch to us liberals, isn’t it? Splitting the progressive vote is your very objective, isn’t it?

        I think you are a Republican, based on your refusal to give Democrats credit where credit is due. You stink of Traitor Trump to me.

      7. Dain,
        As I’ve pointed out many times before, Koch factions of the GOP are not “hemp friendly” and the Trump administration is a disaster for American farmers:
        So even McConnell’s Hemp Bill isn’t even getting a House version or enough support from his own party. Electing Dems may come from rural farmers who have no choice but to break with the Republican party or lose their farms to big agribusiness, another element to marijuana prohibition.

      1. Not to be contentious or anything, but I think the “blue wave” stuff is counterproductive. (Admittedly, the Republicans hurriedly grabbed “Red” from the Commies after the Cincinnati Reds destroyed the “Yankees” in the 1976 World Series.)
        The Dems should now appropriate the color GREEN (don’t worry about the Green Party, they should be invited to join the Dems and get into Gvt that way) and do their administrative thing to get comprehensive cannabis upvaluation achieved.
        PS the perennially slandered word “Reefer” (or Riefer as in briefer, chiefer) should be understood to be a Reference to the outstanding future hemp function which is REFORestation! Trees eat CO2, protect our climate, defend against droughts, floods, storms. Hemp is cited as outstanding precursor crop for tree planting!
        $iggerette companies can convert their soon-obsolete $Bil rolling machines to the manufacturing of BROWNSPLIFFS which contain premium planting soil plus a riefer seed or a few rolled in some recycled paper. Ride your bike at night with a knapsack full of spliffs, jab a hole in the ground under a bush or hedge, stand a spliff in there where it will get weatherprotection, waterdrippage, and flourish unseen by bigots until it delivers a next-year flood of seeds to the future forest environment.
        Happy future hemp roar year everybody!!

      2. Mexweed,

        Don’t forget the freaked out world of America in the 1950s–the Joe McCarthy era–when we were so absolutely anal about Communism that sportswriters began calling the Cincinnati Reds the Redlegs.

        Anyway, I’m guessing your comment about the “blue wave” has something to do with keeping harmony in the pot community . . . ?

        With due respect, my feeling is that when the GOP starts pulling its weight on pot legalization, decriminalization, etc, I’ll happily forgo any talk of the blue wave. Until then, I consider them a prohibitionist party that must be defeated in the next election.

      3. Mexweed, I wonder if perhaps from a marketing perspective, and an ideological perspective, you might be onto something there.

        Green is just a color, of course, free to all. But if the Democrats “appropriated” it from The Green Party, it would symbolize Green causes: environmental protections and so forth — progressive issues, mainstreaming those issues. That would be good for both the Democrats and the Green Party (assuming it believes in its own causes!)

        We don’t want third parties splitting the progressive vote this time. The Democrats would be wise to “appropriate” green (without giving up blue!) Cannabis, both hemp and marijuana, would be a natural place to start.

  1. thanks make sure to give all American 18 N older the right to grow there own and sell which would be taxed

  2. Game on, Gardner! Cosign and walk the line!

    This is where marijuana legalization became a major factor in voter turn out.

    Be afraid, Pete Sessions… better start packing up your office.

    Doesn’t Schumer look like we could smoke a joint with him while he talks about the perfect sandwhich?

      1. The Sessions are an awful Un-American group in my opinion. Jeffrey Sessions and Pete Sessions are about as dumb as the come with regards to understand anything cannabis.

        I hope they leave office soon. We need more leaders like Schumer. We need to rid ourselves of jerks like Sessions.

        Vote Democrat and lets get it legalized! Far too much harm has been done because of draconian laws that have been in place for decades. I’m 62 and it’s been that way my entire life. I have come to have a lot of distrust of our leaders because of it.

      2. I agree Seesions is still in the dark and making choices based on others’s beliefs….but Schumer has been proven to consistently make Poor choices for the stability of this republic. Although slowly, things have been progressing well with cannabis reform. I would hate to see Schumer and other cronies blemish what is a good thing for the people and republic.

      3. Joe,
        So you’re saying, if Schumer is for it, you’re against it? How hateful is that? If the Dems throw all their weight behind legalization, now you’re against legalization because the Dems are for it??

        Who needs you, then, if you’re nothing but a turncoat? Not the marijuana legalization community. Who care what you think?

      4. Miles,
        You are correct that voting Democratic is in our best interests to reform marijuana policy. With a few Independent exceptions that caucus with the D’s like Bernie Sanders and more recently, Tim Canova who has had to fight Big Pharma and private prison money tampering with ballots from Debbie Wa$hmoney Shultz’s campaign.

        The key is to back candidates that refuse PAC money: you’ll notice that some of the most vocal marijuana reformers are Kristen Gillibrand and Beto Orourke who refuse PAC money. Having Senator Sanders cosign on the Marijuana Justice Act gives the bill more credibility, as Corey Booker has a history of flipping policy from raking in dough from Big Pharma. Gotta watch him and press him to refuse PAC money too.

        It would blow my mind to see a Republican refuse PAC money and make their donations transparent. But that’s not happening, so PAC refusing Dems need to take Congress, turn on the disinfecting grow lights in the capitol and “weed” out the dark money.

        Also, be careful thinking either Sessions are “ignorant” about marijuana. Dain makes a suggestion about “therapy” for Sessions, joking I assume, but these are dangerous concepts in practise. They paint the Sessions crime family as if innocent of their own bias… unkowledgeable of the medical efficacy of marijuana or the disproportionate incarceration they cause, when nothing could be further from the truth. The Sessions have confessions to make… they are willfully deceiving and preying upon the American public for lethal pharmaceutical profit and a racist criminal justice agenda, not only meant to profit off of killing and incarcerating Americans but to supress Democratic votes, as the CSAct and Nixon’s drug czar originally intended. The only therapy for that is to weed them out of office and throw them in the prisons they created.

      5. Last thought on this thread guys. I told everyone here after Trump got elected that they weren’t going to shut anything down that they would leave it to the states. You all said that I was crazy but it looks like I was 100% correct and proven so this week. I gave it about a 10 to 20% chance that it is no longer illegal on the federal level during the Trump Administration. Of course Obama had eight years and he did nothing.

      6. I’ve noticed that about Corey Booker too. He seems a bit “packaged,” in my opinion. If he supports legalization, okay. But there are others I’d prefer.

      7. John P,
        The jury is still out on that. Trump’s verbal commitment means jack shit. You got nothing to crow about, fool. When Traitor Trump is in prison, and the Democrats have enacted full legalization nationwide, then you can say we have survived that piece of shit Trump. Until then, Trump and his lickspittle Republicans are still the enemy.

      8. John P,

        I will defer to you because Trump hasn’t closed down any dispensaries. He HAS put a bit of a damper in the movement, however, in putting the Elf in as AG; and in allowing the Cole Memo to expire, the GOP further exacerbated the situation.

        But, you’re right, he hasn’t closed any yet that I know of.

      9. @Joe: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

        @John P: You’re full of $#!+.

      10. I wouldn’t call Sessions dumb. More like a liar for big tobacco and Pharisaical companies. As far as I know, he’s being paid. And when you are being paid to lie, you can not just start telling the truth. He probably even knows better… and if he doesn’t, then you can call him dumb. 😉

      11. Gentlemen,
        Yeah, Sessions knows what he’s doing, I guess.

        Who knows.

        I plead “no contest” to perpetually underestimating the depths of treachery to which people are willing to go, no matter how many times I “wise up” to a scam, no matter how cynical I become. Born sucker, I guess. Goes to my “issues.”

        But I was definitely kidding about locking Sessions in a tank and torturing him. That’s not my style.

      12. More for @Dain Bramage

        I’d love to stick him in a room with six or more people smoking pot, then he’ll take the hint.


        That would be kind of mean in a way, but I believe he would get the picture if he himself got high.. I’d like to see Sessions need weed, then see how he feels about legalization.

      13. Denny,
        Probably too late to help Sessions, but your idea would be great training for cops. They train on the smell of marijuana and so forth, but they know nothing of stoner culture. Make them spend significant time working with stoners on community projects — like foster kids, you know, adopt a cop! Make sure they spend lots of time with lots of friendly young black men and women.

        Maybe they might not be so quick to shoot next time!

  3. Let’s get this party started !!! Legalize Federally and start expunging…

    1. look the dems and the gop are all in for a rude awakening.We’re sick of these politions who have dragged their feet on these issues for decades. I’m in Oklahoma the politians have bad grades on both sides of the isle. America is looking for new parties with new real leadership and under 65 hopefully. I’m sick of 80 yr olds telling 50 yr olds to take early retirement. we need new blood now !!!!

      1. Wanna see bad grades? Look at the R’s on the NORML Congressional Scorecard;

        I’ll call out Debbie Washmoney Shultz and her oversees stock options with pharmaceuticals like Novo Nordisk and say that in Miami and Broward I totally understand whyTim Canova had to reluctantly go Independent.
        But don’t you dare make false equivalencies like Dems are just as bad as Repubs on marijuana policy. If you believe that go vet your R’s and D’s and I’s on campaign face to face… see what they have to say on marijuana policy.

      2. daniel,

        In the state of Oklahoma (via the NORML scorecard), the REPUBLICANS hold EVERY federal Senate and Representative seat.

        Their stances on pot are rated thusly: F, D, D, D, D, D, D

        So it’s not “politicians” who are keeping pot firmly prohibited in Oklahoma, but instead the Republican Party. Look for yourself, these are the guys running your state. You want pot legalized in Okla, vote their asses out. As long as GOpers keep firm control of Oklahoma, you’ll not legalize pot for many, many years to come. If you like prohibition, keep the GOPers in charge.

  4. Can you feel it? I can feel it. The integrated thought, the collective mind… I’m so freakin’ high right now… gonna kick back with a heavy-duty indica for now… Happy 420 yallz later luv yuz

  5. I want all kinds of cannabis completely de-scheduled! We need more Republicans to get on board with this. This is where John Boehner comes in to whip up support in the absence of Paul Ryan.

    It’s clear that cannabis does have recognized medical value if drugs derived from it are getting FDA approval.

    I want to see this big-ass nail go into the coffin of cannabis prohibition in time for this summer’s July legalization timeline.

    Good Riddance Cannabis Jim Crow!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oracle,
      I whole-heartedly agree.

      Now is the time to call the Republicans’ bluff — those that aren’t openly adversarial, anyway, like Rep Pete Sessions (R-TX). Pete Sessions doesn’t even pretend to be tolerant.

      But the “bluff” (as I see it) is coming from Republicans like Sen Cory Gardner (R-CO), and Sen Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Both oppose marijuana legalization. Yet, both appear to be pandering to the cannabis community! McConnell supports hemp (with a wink to Kentucky agri-businesses) and Gardner supports “states rights” (with a wink to Colorado canna-businesses.) Sounds alot like business as usual! That’s marijuana prohibition.

      Boehner, on the other hand, has gone a bit further: he grows it now!! That’s notable. But it’s still short of open advocacy for marijuana legalization. If his “come to Jesus moment” is real, we will welcome him. But if all he does is get rich off the backs of hard-working stoners, then he’s more of a parasite than an ally. We’ll see.

      Let’s make them walk their talk — or as Julian says, “Co-sign and walk the line!”

      The Democrats? They have the ball and they are running with it. Let’s cheer them on, and vote them in!

      People! Register to vote now!

    2. Oracle,
      Agreed, descheduling is the goal, but as Evening Bud can attest in Albuquerque decrim is WAY better than jail. We have to pick and choose our slogans wit sensitive timing to the bils that have the best chance to pass… when Dems take Congress in January that is. (Only slogan worth a dimebag right now is “Resign Pete Sessions!”)

      Let the Dems push decrim… from a black market perspective within the DOJ it means more profit, temporarily. And at this point I find it very difficult to distinguish the “legal” offshore predatory pharmaceutical industry from the extortionist violent drug cartels. Project SAM will say “See? The black market thrives!” And then our next pitch after decrim is “Al Capone would have loved alcohol decriminalization.”

      1. Decrim nationwide would be a gigantic step forward from a harm reduction perspective. Stop the arrests!

        True, it would seem to back us further into the corner with schedule 2. It’s a legitimate concern.

        Still, I do think we should go with a national Decrim while its hot, PROVIDED it delivers a sharp focus on social justice and criminal justice reform, as Sen Cory Booker (D-NJ) advocates for (as opposed to focusing narrowly on only pharmaceutical business opportunities, a give-away to Big Pharma.)

        In the end, I suspect the final resistance to the flower will surrender in the face of de-facto national legalization… If we play it right.

        That’s my gut feeling. Anybody else?

      2. Wait, wait, wait, I am wrong — his bill DE-schedules, according to NPR:

        Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., plans to introduce legislation on Friday to decriminalize marijuana on the federal level, adding a high-profile advocate in the effort to decriminalize, legalize and normalize marijuana use in America.

        Schumer’s legislation would remove marijuana from the list of scheduled substances under a 1970 law that classifies marijuana as dangerous as heroin for legal and regulatory purposes. It would establish funding for women- and minority-owned marijuana businesses, require more research on the drug’s public health impact, and maintain federal authority to regulate commercial advertising, similar to existing regulations for tobacco and alcohol.

      3. Decrimed AND Descheduled? That’s wonderful news, but; Why not just go ahead and establish a federal framework for a legal market? Or I guess they want US to write that law for them like Big Pharma does? I’m no “perfect being the enemy of the good… I’m clicking on the ACT tab… but… Goes to show… If we want something done right we have to write the law ourselves…


        Here’s the angle from Angell.

        Deschedule and even some reparations for minorities and women… just not as much as the Marijuana Justice Act or the REFER bill.

        Whats important is this is Chuck Schumer, who will soon be the Senate Majority Leader, introducing the standard for the Democratic Party. I’m happy that Senator McConnell is introducing a hemp bill; but when we compare that to what Chuck just dished out Republicans are going to have a big, big step up to the plate.

      5. If I could write a law, I would be tempted to require mandatory marijuana therapy for Jeff Sessions. (Mine is going well, thanks.) I would lock him in an air-tight aquarium and pump it so full of hash vapor, he would see shambala and shit frankincense.

        Just kidding. I support a legal market framework. But maybe it’s time to ease up on strict ID and/or physicians recommendation requirements, too. Why must a patient register? Is recreation forbidden for medical patient? Last I checked, recreation IS therapeutic. Ditch the registries.

        This is pot. It’s medical. It’s safe. We’re not talking about AR-15’s here!

      6. Yes, I am happy as hell to live in a city now with Decriminalization!

      7. Julian, I’ll be so glad when they legalize marijuana federally in every state so I don’t have to read your stupid comments anymore. You are the biggest moron I’ve ever seen on any website. Why should all minorities get reparations? America was 90% white and almost 10% black in 1950. So why should people that moved here after 1950 get reparations?

      8. “Biggest moron”? Watch out for karma-round. Answer to your “minorities” jibe: “we” bombed their countries, supported dicktators over them, yes time for reparations.
        There are millions of jobs worth of working time in US southwest harvesting deadwood sticks for the rising neighborhood crafts movement and reducing wildfire threat. (And plant billions of cannabis plants fertilizing future forest areas.)
        Yes let’s bring millions of immigrunts in on a summer job basis, ship them with some millions of our families south each October, north each April with woodworking shops on board the vessels where producs are made to sell at the dock in arrival country (HEMIGRATION).

      9. John P,

        If Julian is a moron, that’s gotta make you bacteria, or a fungus.

        Your commentis the stupidest thing I have read yet today! You’re a racist who triggers at the word “reparations.” Got a couple more stressers for you:

        1) Black Lives Matter.

        2) Republicans are racist white trash, even the black ones. Yeah, you have blacks in the family!

        3) We all came from Africa.

        4) Black Americans understands White Americans better than White Americans understand Black Americans.

        5) Marijuana prohibition is fundamentally racist. Reparations are entirely appropriate.

      10. Interesting, John P:

        Your distain must be attached to my response to the Oracle. When once read, the dialogue introduces so many questions about who you are and what motivates you. You spoke for yourself. What are you?

      11. John P: when it comes to morons, you are in a class of your own. I’m sorry, but your willfull ignorance is not a virtue in my book. I find Julian very constructive in his posts.

      12. John P,

        I’ve got to weigh in here because not only is Julian NOT a moron (a bit of projection perhaps?) but I cannot think of a person on this forum who does more for our cause than him.

        You’re free to make comments about anyone here, but at least be accurate or truthful.

  6. I am calling the office of Michelle Lujan-Grisham, the Dem who is running for Gov of NM next year. I thought she had a healthy lead over the GOP tea partier, Steve Pearce, but read an article that he’s closing the gap. Of course this article was based on HIS internal polling. Anyway, in my phone call, I’m going to tell her office that I think she should not be shy about endorsing legalization. Various Democrats across the country are now running partly on this issue, and prevailing.

    1. Yes indeed, Bud. And you know why? Because not only does marijuana legalization get Democrats to the polls, current prohibitionist policies or campaign agendas make otherwise loyal Republicans stay home.

      This weekend Im headed to a Democratic debate and Republican meet and greet for the 21st district to replace prohibitionist and climate denying wax figure with a demon-soul Lamar Smith.
      I’m vetting face to face on marijuana policy. The GOP pushed out mj reforming Republican Jason Isaac during the primaries by supporting Roy Moore, who refuses to answer my mj policy questions.

      Meanwhile the Dems, Mary Wilson and Joseph Kopser will debate on who has the better mj policy. Shows us who runs the GOP, doesn’t it? Private insurance, private prisons and bloodmoney from Kochs to the black market within our own Republican controlled DOJ.
      Dems take money from Big Pharma too and even Bernie Sanders takes money from drug warrior-profiteering defense contractors but not near on the scale of which the GOP sways for prohibition. But were finally starting to see rural America fractionalize with the R’s over hemp and mmj and even mj policy. And it translates into who shows up at the polls and who doesn’t.

      So let’s hunt Republican candidates down for mj policy statements. Face to face, where no answer is still an answer…

      1. Here here, Julian! The days of hiding in the MJ closet and remaining silent are over.

        I’m even more hopeful about Lujan-Grisham as I saw that she’s going to be speaking at a 4/20 event in Santa Fe this weekend. I think this probably confirms her support for legalization.

        Her GOP opponent, Steve Pearce? He’s against legalization of course. Sad, but expected.

      2. I meant to say “supporting Chip Roy,” not Roy Moore… lol… God I hope he’s not THAT bad, but he aint no Jason Isaac.

      3. Regarding Lujan-Grisham, I hope I’m not overly optimistic. I called one of her offices this morning (in Albq) and wasn’t completely happy with the conversation; her office guy said she’s generally sympathetic toward legalization, but wants to “study the issue” more. He admitted that he didn’t know her exact stance.

        I replied (respectfully) that that sounded like the typical politician response, and that she should be more bold or up front in support of legalization, and that other Dems around the country were running specifically on legalization and usually winning big. The office guy then referred me to her campaign office. I called several times but was unable to reach anyone.

        I’m not through with this. I’m so ready for legalization; I just read that NM is one of 12 states where the Dem Party has adopted legalization as part of its platform. According to the article I read, 90% of the Democratic party officials in NM support legalization!

        PS–I called the Albq office of Mayor Tim Keller today, and asked the office person to extend my thanks to him for signing the decriminalization bill.

      4. As I’m sure you’ve learned over the years, Bud, we have to keep calling. But these are campaign times. We can catch candidates within driving range if we keep checking their websites for schedules. Vetting candidates on marijuana policy and whether they accept PAC money is some of the most important work we can do as marijuana activists.

        Glad to hear you followed up with the Mayor’s office… follow ups are how we build permanent working relationships which help keep policies permanent. Don’t ever think our victories cant be taken away. DA Lahood who championed decriminalization in San Antonio didn’t get reelected. That means a whole new vetting process has started. The fight for freedom never ends, brother.

  7. This article is 100% confirmation that it is the Democratic party that we should all be voting for!

    So get out there and get the party of the people (not the party of the rich elite) into power when you get the chance.

    It truly is possible that our country could finally do the right thing with regards to our favorite herb and it is long overdue thanks to people like Sessions and his ilk.

    Big salute to Senator Schumer for joining
    Senators Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Ron Wyden in their efforts to make America great again 🙂

  8. America, just look at you.

    If you like dictators, drug war, fascism, and getting gunned down in public at random, then the Republicans have a lot to offer. Think Trump/Duterte 2020, and be very afraid.

    On the other hand, if you support marijuana legalization and medical marijuana, think Snoop Dog/Ice Cube 2020!! (Except… Problem: all men again. Back up. Regroup.)

    How about Warren (Sen Elizabeth)/Willie (Nelson) 2020!! I think we could all live very well with that lineup. Let’s figure it out! Who’s up for change?

    1. With all due respect to Joe Biden… uh, no.

      No hard feelings; but, no.

      1. Definate NO! to Joe Biden. He has been a war criminal for decades; what I mean is he has been all for locking up cannabis consumers and fully supported the Drug Czar in all his anti-freedom (thus Anti-American) efforts. I don’t trust him any more than John Boehner but at least he says has evolved…

      2. I haven’t been reading up on Biden’s MJ attitudes, so I appreciate the info on him. That’s one of the problem with some of the centrist/corporate Dems–they’re no different from GOpers on this important issue. Biden would never get my vote, simply because Warren or Sanders would always come first in my book.

      3. Joe Biden is a drug warrior who has been keeping his mouth shut out of respect for his position in the Obama administration, but I haven’t heard him “evolve” on anything… He just clammed up, out of prudence, presumably. Not at all sure he gets it.

      4. See, HERE is the difference between us Dem/lib/progressive posters and many posters on the right: We actually criticize our own when they are full of shit.

        The closest I see from various GOP/libertarian posters is that “both parties” are bad. They just cannot criticize the assholes in their party.

        That’s the real difference between objectivism and fake objectivism. We call ’em out by name, even our own. You give opaque, generalizing statements.

    1. I’m heart broken for you. That is a crime against humanity. As a veteran, I didn’ t serve my country so that your family can be terrorized by your own government . I call on those thugs holding your son hostage by the Drug War to release him and send him home to you this instant. I demand satisfaction for your family and others victimized by this psychopathic Drug War. Peace.

  9. thank you Mr.Schumer.I hope hat this reform happens. My daughter suffers from fibromyalgia and is in pain just about all the time smoking a bowl helps her pain a lot and I feel bad that she has to hide it. I’m
    bi-poler and have ptsd from an abusive childhood with an alcoholic mother and it left it’s marks even at 61 I can’t forget or sleep even with the drugs mental health gives me that I don’t even want to take.if I weed I don’t remember the dreams.
    thank you again for trying to help us.

  10. Needs to be completely decriminalized. Individuals should have the right to completely utilize this GOD given plant . Without regulation from a corrupt Government and the greed of the pharmaceutical industry. I hope that will be the true objective and not the potential money making that can be made by our government while they continue to dictate and limit the uses and availability of this medicine. I

  11. Outstanding! I support Chuck Schumer, Senators Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Ron Wyden in sponsoring comprehensive marijuana law reform legislation. Slowly but surely we are moving toward legalizing recreational marijuana use.

  12. Outstanding! I support Chuck Schumer, Senators Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Ron Wyden in sponsoring comprehensive marijuana law reform legislation. Slowly but surely we are moving our nation towards the legalization of recreational marijuana use.

  13. heard about this, surprising…..remember Four Loko, Silk Road, caffienated sp. and bath salts, etc? lol, good to hear, always loved senator Schumer, very open-minded, passionate, intelligent….a fav. senator of mine. Cares greatly about the impoverished and workers, diversity, human rights.

  14. Think of the money people would spend at Wal mart or Pizza hut or whatever if they could grow at home and not have to buy it, this by itself would generate a tremendous boon to the economy. People could trade and barter with each other instead of buying or selling, either way it translates to money spent on something else and might even surpass what taxes could be generated from retail sales, not to forget the most important fact, less people will go to jail. HELL YES.

  15. $20 BILLION a year, my whole Adult life to enforce a Law Based on a LIE

  16. We are so happy that the Politicians are finally joining NORML and many other organization to end the War on Drugs/Prohibition Federally. We know Cannabis has so many medical uses and unfairly targeted minorities.

  17. I’m all for legalization, I’ve seen how it helps my disabled wife live life with much less pain where her Rx opiates can’t always stop the pain.
    Politicians have a tendency to get focused on the potential tax windfall and collecting of our votes and less on a smart legalization process and safety of our citizens.

    Before any mass legalization begins I’d like to see what the plan is prevent drug cartels from making big money off legal pot. This is definitely a case where “Made in the USA” should mean something.

    Also, we need to enforce a standardized potency labeling and enforce those. Look at beer and liquor, you know the % alcohol when you buy it. We need a way to do that consistently with THC products.

    I don’t see a lot of folks speaking to this when the legalization process begins, am I in the minority here?

    1. Paul,
      No, your concerns have been considered at length as each state legalizes, using slightly different models, some better than others. Democracy is messy, apparently. But we should be able to learn as we go, and take the best features of each legalization structure, and drop the worst features.

      NORML has given extensive thought on what is in the best interest of marijuana consumers. Peruse this NORML website!

      There is no need for further delay.

    2. Paul,

      I suspect that mass legalization would eventually and ultimately kill off the black market, and that, accordingly, the cartels would have to concentrate on other drugs to keep operating.

      Which cartels currently control liquor distribution and manufacture? None that I know of.

  18. Marijuana has proven a safe, affective treatment for many health problems, by researchers from around the world. it has also been called a safe, harmless drug by one of them. I think the reason for the spiecial election in Oklahoma is to keep it illegal.

  19. So if marijuana is descheduled, would it be removed from the DOT drug testing panal? If not, what will it take?

  20. Let’s see how far this goes, considering Trumps promise to CO this past week.

    1. ChasHue Won,

      Schumer, Booker, Bernie, and the Democrats offer marijuana legalization, nationwide.

      Traitor Trump offears nothing but extortion.

      McConnell wants hemp rope. In one state. His.

      Trump, Sessions, McConnell, Ryan, and Gardner, ALL REPUBLICANS, ALL OPPOSE MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION.

      Republicans are Corporate Capitalists who don’t give a fuck about social justice.

      Republicans suck!
      Vote Democratic!

  21. This legislation is NOT comprehensive if it does NOT get the U.S. out of these international treaties and agreements in which cannabis is prohibited.

  22. In response to Trump’s promise to leave marijuana legality up to the states Kevin Sabet, the leader of SAM, a nonprofit group opposed to marijuana legalization, called the reported deal between the president and Gardner “ill-conceived and wrong.”

    “SAM stands with virtually all major medical and law enforcement associations in condemning the use and legalization of marijuana. The black market does not honor states’ rights – it is thriving in Colorado and other legalized states,” Sabet said in an email to The Cannabist. “This is creating harms in all states, in the form of increased stoned driving fatalities, the increased prevalence of pot candies, and more crime. Senator Gardner is simply protecting special interests at the expense of public health. SAM will redouble its efforts and amplify the voices of millions of Americans who do not want their children exposed to increased drug use. We hope the president — who doesn’t want to be known as the ‘Pot President’ – will reverse course soon. This reckless plan will not go unanswered.”

    Sabet is continuing to be a total Shithead and remains one of our biggest enemies. Let’s all hope he dies soon.

    1. Don M.
      Anger I understand. Trust me.
      This website does not advocate for violence.

      1. Don M.
        Adomishments aside, and to your comment about Sabet: his threats to call our traitor-in-chief “The Pot President” are derogatory from his perspective, and intended to be an insult.

        But pot, or cannabis, as we all know, is good, not bad. Duh!

        And so the title “The Pot President” should be reserved for the champion who eventually earns such high praise, and not for loser like Traitor Trump. That jackass has disqualified himself on both counts: pot, and Presidency.


    NORML board member Bill Maher says “Make marijuana a wedge issue for Democrats.”

    Thank you Bill for bringing appropriate and genuinely funny marijuana comedy back to television. It doesn’t all have to be disparaging to pot heads… we can point out the irony of Boehner stoned, crying to a sun set as well. Nice.

  24. I respect that some people want to get nicely intoxicated, but the prolonged absence of compassion regarding cannabis as a medicine holds a higher place in my heart. I have watched a six year old child in seizures all day long with no known way to provide relief. I have heard the cries of an elderly oncology patient, dying, afraid, and in presumably intractable pain. I have felt the pain expressed by a brain injured patient as they cried, begging for their old life back. At the time of their injury there was no known way to slow the post injury trauma. I have provided IV Demerol to a person addicted to heroin. She was getting her third, and last heart valve transplant. The valves became infected because of impurities in the drug or method of use. She was told that day there would be no future heart tissue healthy enough to hold a suture. I personally know what it is like to have something important to give others, but cannot, because of the shackles of multiple sclerosis, and because available treatment has not worked. So I slowly decline instead. Those who partake in the business of politics are, for the most part, spared the pain that results from their actions or lack of action. The motivations for their behavior is not up to me to speculate on. I do know however, if they stood in the same places I did, saw and heard and felt all I have, this issue would not be still unaddressed today.

      1. And whether or not you are truly Bill Clinton (I suspect not… he has a more clever syntax…)… marijuana is NON-TOXIC!!!

      2. I retract my derrogatory comment about syntax, Bill: you eloquently expressed the frustration of treating patients and not being able to provide them the relief of whole plant marijuana… if you are a Doctor, I assume, then the risk is losing one’s license and livelihood depending on the state you live in, or what facility you work for.
        I was turned off by your use of the word “intoxication” in reference to marijuana… because thats precisely the kind of propaganda Kevin Sabet at Project SAM likes to spread. A “toxin” by definition, has to lead to poisoning or death depending on dosage. Even when marijuana is smoked, which is commonly the only toxicity found in marijuana from the combusted carbon, the quantity required for impairment is consciously avoidable.

      3. Oh, I figured that was Bill Clinton the appliance salesman! Or Bill Clinton from Jersey… Etc.

        Unclear if commentor is using name for political purposes.

      4. If Bill is a real patient with MS, he should understand why people might be confused by the name. We support Bill in this case, of course.

  25. I am a 30 yr survivor of HIV and Cannabis has kept me away from Opiods. I did painkillers and it turns out they the pills were killers, they made me hurt more than having a productive life. I live in the DEEP red state of Tennessee so I have to resort to other means to receive pain management in a safe way. I currently take dronabiniol which acts likes CBD and as long as I don’t smoke weed, they work. In other words it takes the THC along CBD to connect to the bodies natural endocannabinoids to achieve proper pain releif…GOOD LUCK Sen. Schumer in getting this legislation passed to legalize cannabis. A natural herbal plant should not be sending people to jail to leading having a perminent record and lead to future legal matters professional or personal So sad!!

  26. Families have been torn apart, millions branded as new slaves as “convicted felons”, children growing up missing a parent or both and an opiate epidemic spiraling out of control. We have to make choice other than mass incarceration and continuing to bankrupt the country. End the reefer madness, take down the green wall between law enforcement and the public.

  27. Way to go Senators Schumer and Warren! This is huge for medical marijuana patients and the rights of Americans in general. Federal rescheduling and endorsement of state rights is what’s needed to ultimately lead to reciprocity between states with medical marijuana laws.

  28. It will be sad to watch all of the hopes and dreams die on the floor of the house along with the legislation that has been introduced to reform marijuana laws. Just like gun control, our children and our children’s children will be the ones who will pay for the inactions of our reactive legislature and executives.

    1. First of all, you’re not Thomas Jefferson, and you don’t represent Jeffersonian viewpoints. I call bullshit on that again, numbnuts.

      Secondly, this news about Schumer is not sad news for the marijuana legalization community, it is wonderful news. It means real progress!

      You don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

  29. Okay, so Schumer wants to decriminalize federally. He obviously isn’t going far enough, being too cautious. Fair enough.

    How about the GOP leadership, McConnell and Ryan? You know, the ones who are actually in charge of Congress right now? What are THEY doing to help our cause?

    I say, what are THEY doing to help our cause?

    Just as one might expect: crickets. But Mitch, how about decrim? Crickets. But, but Paul–decrim? Reschedule? Legalize?? Crickets.

    Actually one sound can always be heard with them: the dollar bills slapping into their greasy palms.

    Criticizing Schumer for doing something, while remaining silent about the do-nothing GOP leadership, is like blaming Nazism on Neville Chamberlain instead of Adolf Hitler.

  30. Legalization is something that everyone can agree on. And lets agree that we need no more career politicians. Let’s wipe the slate clean. Restore voting rights to the victims of the “War on drugs” then decide who to put in office. It is time to get all new faces in DC. I am not a democrat or a republican, I am an anticommunist, Anti socialist, Anti finger in my face person. Either grant everyone freedom or watch everyone lose it. The War on Drugs is going to cause the downfall of the nation.

    1. Jody,
      Anarchy? No thanks.
      Democrats are the best way out of this mess at this time.

  31. Legalize it . It’s time for a change people agree it’s time for new laws giving us the right to enjoy the plant that helps everything it’s not harmful kills no one great for pain or other problems everyday people get arrested for self medicating that’s the most dangerous thing about it getting caught it makes you loose your job for enjoying the great plant on a weekend or at night for pains it’s a hell of a lot better than pills but that’s fine get our youth addicted to pain pills that’s smart last time I checked weed didn’t cause no withdrawal of any kind it’s time for a change

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