A Monumental May for Nevada NORML

Even in the continually uncertain world that Nevadans find themselves in, Nevada NORML is continuing to advocate for cannabis reform despite the strange corona-world of 2020. While in-person meetings are on hold, Nevada NORML has found a cyber-way to continue to provide that education and cannabis advocacy that the chapter has become nationally recognized for

Weed and Hand

In April, the chapter hosted our statewide live streamed 4/20 Extravaganza to massive success thanks to participation and viewership from the fantastic community that we represent. We had yoga segments, at-home cooking demonstrations, product reviews, short films, music videos, political interviews and so much more. A true demonstration of the strength and diversity of our community, we knew we could carry the strength into another month of these uncharted waters.

For May, in collaboration with Culture and Cannabis and the great folks at Rigel Studios, we hosted our first installment of “Nevada NORML News”. In our attempt to be the first Cannabis News Network and a much cooler version of CNN, we hosted interviews with cannabis industry leaders throughout The Battle Born State, comment-in trivia with great prizes from local cultivators and retailers, Nevada NORML’s Secretary Josh Kasoff looked into the issues surrounding the Marijuana Agent Card application compared to Colorado in collaboration with Randy OG and Sampson with Kool Katz Media, and even more Grammy-worthy musical segments from our community members.

We’re a very multi-talented community here in Nevada, and our Nevada NORML segment proves exactly that. We showed reports on what relevant actions are happening regarding cannabis in all cities in Nevada, from Carson City down to Las Vegas and we even received an update on our Smoke The Vote campaign to ensure that cannabis reform is at the forefront of all the elections happening in November. 

In May we also announced our latest Oprah-like philanthropic act that we developed in response to the COVID 19 pandemic and widespread layoffs. Sponsored by David Tuttleman, CEO of Matrix Nevada, Nevada NORML will be giving away 100 awards of $250 each to cannabis industry employees who were laid off due to the pandemic or medical patients facing hardship. We are so honored to be able to give back to our community with the support of incredible industry operators like Matrix. For more information, please visit lvnorml.org/givingtree.