Marijuana Laws

Watch-On-The-Web: Important Medical Marijuana Case Before California Supreme Court

Michael Johnsen from the Attorney General’s Office admitted that their “position had evolved”  since the Kelly case was first argued, when they had tried to claim that the limits in 11362.77 were constitutional.  Asked by the court why they should even be hearing the case in that event,  Johnsen said that the court should narrow the Appellate Court decision so as to not throw out 11362.77 altogether.

Marijuana Incarceration

Who's Behind Pot Prohibition? The Answer Is Obvious

Without a doubt the question I’m most often asked professionally is this: “Why is marijuana still illegal?”
The common inference behind this question is that there must be some behind the scenes cabal of Big Pharma, Tobacco, and Alcohol executives conspiring to keep cannabis illegal. By contrast, the real culprits behind pot prohibition are far more overt.