Congressman Ron Paul and Steven Baldwin Debate Marijuana Legalization On Larry King

I received a late Friday afternoon call from one of Larry King’s producers in Los Angeles seeking some cannabis-related factoids and related information for an apparent debate tonight on CNN’s Larry King between libertarian Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul, M.D. and, well, actor Steven Baldwin.

Watch the video of the debate here.

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  1. Everyone always acts all excited when a Pro-legalization debate opp comes up, but how many of these have we seen? And just how legal is marijuana today? I live in Florida, and the amount of money they make (certain sections that is) off of prisons, cops, etc., more than offset the public good that would come out of legalizing marijuana. No logical thought process has marijuana smoking posed as a danger, unless you throw corruption, greed, and sheer stupidity into the equation.
    Of course, Ron Paul won the debate. Do you think our corrupt and greedy government cares about that? Or of what the people actually want? Get real. It will only be when the people grow a pair that we will be able to grow our own weed. That is when we will become a free people again, when we don’t ask for permission for privileges thinking they are rights.

  2. oh my god ! where do i begin? stephen baldwin? if they don’t legalize pot soon i won’t be able to watch tv at all!!ron paul should be in more of a position of power because once again he’s the only one who makes sense.i hope all the tokers out there are taking notes so we know who to vote out of office when once again these assholes in power tell us how to live! ron paul is correct let’s prohibit alcohol and see how these drunk fucks feel about that! roosevelt ended prohibition on his eigth day in office and here we sit 72 years later waiting for somebody to legalize pot! if president o bama would legalize i would say he actually did learn something at harvard.senator durbin (ill) replyed to my e-mail and of course he’s against legalization. what a surprise? i hope california has more open minded representitives and pass ab 390 on march 26.

  3. heh Stephen Baldwin was the Macgyver smoker from Half Baked…TRAITOR!!! Well he sucked anyones, Dr. Paul ran right over him. Baldwin got like what, 2 lines in?

  4. Yet another “debate” no one can take seriously. I’m really surprised Larry King let this take place on his show.
    While Ron Paul talks sense, he makes more people tune out because of his communication style than is helpful for something like this.
    Putting someone like Paul up against a burn-out born again Christian is basically poking fun at the debated issue and not an effort by King’s show to help it along.
    This does help to show how the media wants to “help” any who supports this effort here though.

  5. Every time I think about the prohibition of cannabis it reminds me of all the freedoms being stripped from the American people,its almost as if our government puts to shame the blood paid by so many of our ancestors.How long will it take for them to understand that by lying to the public about this harmless herb they our losing what little credibility they have left and by lying to our children about the affects of cannabis may lead them to believe they have been lied to about dangerous substances such as heroin and meth. All in all who do you think made a mistake here our Creator of all things in heaven and on earth who says in genesis 1 29 I give to every man all seed bearing herbs on the face of the earth for you to use or our government who says we should arrest over 800,000 American citizens a year for the simple possession of cannabis make it so they can’t get a job cant get school loans or public housing mark them as criminals for the rest of their lives lock them up with child molesters rapist and murders all for choosing to use a substance which is much safer then either alcohol or tobacco.

  6. Actor ……… what !!! I am an actor , too but that should not matter . Alcohol is a gateway drug , Mr. Baldwin . Last week i passed the Amheuser – Busch plant in Fairfild , Ca. & just West on of the plant on Hwy. 80 is a big billboard promoting Coors beer .Both , Budweiser and Coors brewing owe us an aplogy for promoting drugs . This sends our children the wrong message .


  8. Yes commenter number 52 Jim Lunsford, it’s easy to feel the way you do and I experience the same feelings far too often.
    We can’t give in though, we just can’t.

  9. I hope the factoids were the ones that demonstrate some of the lies people find on various sites like drug free america and the .gov pages.

  10. I was laughing when Baldwin was bring up the DUI issue because I have the flu and I took a little Robitussin to feel better at work. Long story short- I had to wait AT WORK an extra two hours to “sober” up from THAT STUFF! It was ten times worse than anything reefer could do on the road.

  11. baldwin is f*cking retarded, ron slaughtered him haha
    marijuana’s day of freedom is coming…

  12. Jim Lunsford, I hate to criticize you here b/c I figure you’re like the rest of us who is for the cause (and not a troll) but I’ve noticed a few of your pessimistic comments and I’m growing a little tired of them. Is there anything about these current issues that you find refreshing? Anything?
    How about the fact that more states are legalizing medical cannabis at a pretty fast pace? How about the fact that the percentages of people who are for legalizing cannabis has been increasing over the years and general public is hearing more and more facts and debates on legalizing rather than propaganda? How about the fact that a state (my state of California) is actually thinking of legalizing recreational cannabis use? How about the fact that change feels so close? All of that and more has never happened before, Jim, so excuse me if that makes me a little excited.
    This blog and forum are on a pro-legalization website, for a pro-legalization organization, so of course we’re happy when cannabis legalization is discussed in our media. Since the Reagan administration, MSM has shied away from these topics or have sided w/ the propaganda machine. It’s a little exciting to see people wake up about marijunana and start questioning, “why is it illegal again?” It reminds me of the 70s.
    I realize that you live in the beautiful state of Florida; a state where the marijuana laws and politics (and regular laws/politics, for that matter) are ass-backwards. Your attitude could be a defense-mechanism to help you cope if things don’t go the way you want them. A “see I knew it wasn’t going to happen” type of thinking; “hope for the best but expect the worse” as a friend of mine used to say. But what are you going to do about it, bitch & moan or try harder to change the laws (or move to a more bud-friendly state)?
    I really can’t complain though b/c I live in CA, our bud laws are fairly relaxed and we’ve always been trend setters of reform. Someone on another blog’s comments told you to lighten up and I’m going to have to agree. Light one up and lighten up, Jim. It could be a lot worse, dude.

  13. Mr. Baldwin = deer caught in headlights
    but seriously, great debate and points made by Ron Paul. Lets see if the debate gets going in congress or will the big money special interests prevail yet again?

  14. Ha Steven Baldwin looked high during the debate. His eyes looked sowed shut. He failed miserably and was basicly speechless the whole debate. Wish Larry King was there and they did the entire show on the topic. Still it was nice to see on main stream TV. I dont even think the anti-legalize party could deny Ron Paul won this debate.

  15. What is difference between the prohibition of Marajuana, and the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s and ’30’s?
    If they want to put an end to these deadly cartels then for crying out loud legalize it and control it the same as alcohol and tobacco.
    They could change the name ot the A.T.F. to F.A.T.M.. Just the thought of the tax revenues that could be generated by the legalization of MJ would take a big dent out of our national deficits,reduce the drug related crime rate, and not to mention the tourism and export businesses that would no doubt sure up our lagging trade deficits bringing about huge revenue surges to the GNP of the USA.
    Porkbellies, Corn, Wheat, Soy, Marajuana. What’s the problem unless it’s being kept illegal for some seedy clandestine reasons. I think that’s a far more dangerous scenario because the “War On Drugs” is a sham.
    Since man first learned to crush grapes there has always been a need for emotional decompression.
    I personally use it recreationally and since suffering from bipolar disorder I find it calms me down quite a bit, but I’ve been hearing that from quite a few people in the mental health community
    Just like alcohol (liquid ether), or any other drug be it illicit, prescribed, or over the counter, there’s always a potential for abuse.
    At least my state of Mass. finally decriminalized under an ounce. Law enforcement no doubt has a “hard on” for keeping it illegal. Because if it were legalized what would happen to all those poor souls whose livelihood is based on the enforcement of unjust laws.

  16. I smoke Marijuana responsibly like Millions of other hard working Americans. I’m a home owner, a business owner, a tax payer and a GREAT Father! I smoke to relax after work or when I’m feeling under the weather. I’m not a criminal! I’m polite and kind to everyone all the time. I’m not violent nor do I break any laws. Marijuana is the Safer alternative to alcohol, tobacco and pain medicine. So, why is it illegal? Prohibition of Marijuana is hurting America economically and socially and the war has failed completely! Our laws on this issue create crime, waste money and create a dangerous criminal market totally untaxed and unregulated. This is insanity and it’s time to end the lies and bias opinions on this whole issue! Prohibition is strictly business for criminals and corporations who profit from it’s being outlawed. It’s time for a real discussion and real change. I want a choice and I choose Marijuana! Legalize for a Safer America!

  17. Mr. James, I agree fully with you. I have lived in CA since birth in 1987 until Jan of 06, Moved to Maine until Joining the Service in Jan of 07. Been to Maryland, Kentucky, driven south from the Pine Tree state to Scummy Louisiana. Eastward from Louisiana to the Golden State and the south, by far has the most twisted Laws, and most irrational traffic laws on the Continent. From My observation From America and Abroad Generally speaking the south, Not to note Religion have a negative Impact on law and legislation in previous congress’. With the progression of Multiple Medical Marijuana laws in State houses’ and congresses a positive understanding in Marijuana has influenced further study into the topic. Medical Marijuana is a passion that in the past has furthered my interest into the general idea, ingestion of Marijuana. Once my Mother was diagnoised with ‘small cell lung cancer’ in Jan of 08 the race was on, further the advancement of Marijuana into mainstream Thought, Study and Rumor. Immediately upon return from a year and change deployment to Eastern Baghdad did I realize how dire my Mothers Chemo Treaments were asking for releif. Mid January when I was, finally able to see my mother saw her for the first time in over 8 Months like, Death. Her eyes were sucked in, lips void of colour, short forcefully breaths reminicences of a movie
    Will Smith stared in. All Caused by a massive Morphine IV Drip Directed by modern, uninsured Medicare State run, or County Hospital gives to a patient in such state. For Two days, after the previous two she was in this state of health I began asking questions, where is her Hydration coming from, Nutrients, Solid food why are you not tending to my MOTHER! Called a buddy, also asked for the hospital director, please my mom knows I’m here, after a half year, give her water! They finally showed up on Monday, proceeded with what I wanted done, 6 or 8 days later mom made it home. Finally I was with mom after some of the hardest 8 to 13 Months of my life. She was fine, minus the hair and attractive golden skin California gave her. She went out to the store, ate out at a restaurant. I watched TV with her, drinking a beer showed her my mountain bike. Described the newest features, Hydro disk brakes, 10 disk, sealed magnesium pedals. Generally loving having mom around. Forced to return to post no less then a week later, one chemo treatment and a day or two later, while in the great state of California, Moorpark none the less, my home town did I receive the one call I always feared, for the last year and change knew was coming, not ever thought wanted to arrive, rang. My Mother had passed away, Feb 21st, 2009. Along side her loving husband yet alone from her two children she raised and loved no less then anything else on earth, died. How, why or what caused her death are asked routinely, I have one response: she wasted away. A critical point during treatments, non treatments and activities the person who undergoes treatment takes determines a cancer patients death. The Patient who needs more treatment regularly will die sooner due to the amount treatment, higher intake of pharmaceuticals, reduced diet and decreased activity reduce ones survival rate. Likewise less treatments result in a smaller intake of pain medicines and so forth. The moment I saw my Mothers ashes be physically buried under dirt did I know, this irrational, non-logical idiotically thought of Marijuana must stop. Please let Science, Medicine, Botanist Have the full already constitutional right to understand Cannabis. We must stop the Politicians, Special interest (Tobacco, Law Enforcement) Insurance Companies and Pharmaceuticals from establishing and influencing Policy, Law and Doctrine. This will be the only time you read this, please do I hope it inspires other to have the passion I posses, further what is right even beyond Marijuana to the general public. Legalizing Marijuana is no more a larger or more ignored policy as Traffic flow on interstates, Mass Transportation, Independent Created Electricity is Throughout the United States. I do agree, I feel the force, common agreement that what were doing, in this current place and time is what’s right. We could invade all the countries of the world while legalizing marijuana the only thing that would be remembered is ‘Finally Marijuana’s largest consumer, America your legal. – Just another son’ah Mothers Cancer Victims.

  18. all i have to say is i feel sorry for baldwin because not only did he barely talk but he got owned by paul in every aspect of the coversation

  19. I don’t think the show did anything to help end cannabis prohibition. Ron was more logical and knowledgeable about cannabis but Steven Baldwin…cannaphobic is the only word to describe him based on how he appeared during Larry King. Much bigger iconic figures need to step forward and debate, like Al Gore Verses that boozer cop who wanted to bust Phelps. Now that would be a debate worth fighting about. Regardless I appreciate NORML sending the email alert so I could watch it live.

  20. I like Ron Paul more everyday. Steven Baldwin is a mediocre actor who developed a high price coke habit that these movie stars get. Steven ran his car into a few trees, a few ditches and passed out in the bathroom. This was not Marijuana’s fault! But a coked out rock star who’s now found the christian coalition. Prohibition does not work for the masses, only for a few weak souls.

  21. Baldwin is a “pick & chooser” Bible thumper & respectfully – an idiot.
    LETS START TELLING THE TRUTH – on everything
    God Bless america & everything that god creates – (marijuana)
    Who was the chemist that created marijuana – oh yea GOD.
    I grew up saying the pledge like most Americans –
    God Bless America!
    Thank you for letting me vent

  22. So far, I’ve been told to light one up, and lighten up. Guess what, I’m stoned off my ass, and still pissed off. To all of you who think government is interested in your logic, your concerns, your satisfaction in life; you are a true fool. Government is force as some 16th (?) century philosopher once stated. It is offered as much authority as it’s citizens will tolerate. We have marijuana illegal because we don’t deserve legality. Because we are nothing but sheep. And it’s not even one person you can really blame, it’s the entire system. Our societal software is programmed for selfishness and scarcity. These are the things we cultivate in our children as a society. It’s why we have wars and prisons and the wrath of government. There is so much abundance available, but we follow the dollar here. Our country has a love affair with the dollar, and that has corrupted every aspect of our society. There is a reason every thing is always seeming back-ass-wards in our world. It is. And it was done purposefully in order to enslave you. just the nature of government. It is a force designed to enslave you. Right now, any loosening of the laws is just a desperate attempt to salvage what remains of our government before the people rise up. think about how many people are being added to unemployment rolls every day before you nay-say this idea. Then tell me to lighten up. But if you wait until you understand what government is, then you might actually manage to remain pissed while stoned. Wake Up! Before it’s too late. Jim Lunsford

  23. This is what the senator from idaho replied to me
    Thank you for contacting me regarding the legalization of marijuana. I appreciate the opportunity to respond.
    After a decade of consistent progress during the Reagan and Bush Administrations, almost every available indicator shows the United States is now losing ground in its efforts to reduce illegal drug use, especially among young people. Since 1992, the number of 12 to 17 year-olds using marijuana has almost doubled to 2.9 million, compared with the 1992 level of 1.6 million. One in three high school seniors now smokes marijuana, and 48.4 percent of the Class of 1995 had tried drugs by graduation day.
    Further, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) marijuana contains known toxins and cancer-causing chemicals that are stored in fat cells for up to several months. Marijuana users experience the same health problems as tobacco smokers, such as bronchitis, emphysema and bronchial asthma. Marijuana use also causes increased heart rate, dryness of mouth, reddening of the eyes, impaired motor skills and concentration, and frequent hunger. Extended use increases risks to the lungs and reproductive system, as well as suppression of the immune system. Hallucinations, fantasies and paranoia are also occasionally reported. The use of marijuana often leads to the use of other more dangerous illegal drugs. According to a survey conducted by Phoenix House, an organization that runs drug abuse treatment centers and conducts extensive research, 60 percent of adolescents in treatment agreed that using marijuana made it easier for them to consume other drugs, including cocaine, methamphetamines, and LSD.
    It is for these reasons I am not a supporter of the legalization of marijuana. The legalization of marijuana would lead to increased use at a time when we are trying to reduce the use of drugs in our nation — especially among young people. Such an act would send the wrong message. While I appreciate and respect your views on this matter, I do not currently support the legalization of marijuana and believe that if such a law were enacted, it would have dramatic unintended consequences.
    Once again, thank you for taking time to write to me with your concerns. The thoughts and opinions of Idahoans are important to me as your Representative in the United States Congress. I
    also encourage you to visit my website at to sign up for my weekly e-newsletter and to read more about my views on a variety of issues.
    Mike Simpson
    Member of Congress

  24. Here’s a theory.
    Ron Paul is a big advocate of free markets. If you eliminate the effects of prohibition… the marijuana market is one of the last remaining free markets. Untaxed… regulated only by supply and demand… higher qualities fetch higher prices. There are no licences or permits needed to grow or distribute or purchase it. This isn’t true in the States that have made it quasi-legal. I always scoff when I hear people begging to be taxed.
    I understand we’ll have to meet the State halfway.

  25. This was not a debate, Baldwin had no business talking about the politics of MJ. Let alone with a seasoned pro like Dr.Paul. Christian Republican folks better rethink who they have representing them on National TV and on CNN! Anyway, MJ politics is not a Conservative issue, most conservatives endorse legalization of all drugs not just MJ. This debate was joke! Take it from a Clinical Professional who has been dealing with the Drug problem for over 20+ years in Maximum Security settings in California. Gene Courter MA/MSW/LCSW/DCSW/BCD

  26. “Anyone who comes into a marijuana debate with a “religious conservative” point of view just comes across as foolish. ”
    Especially when debating Ron Paul, who is also a pro-life, pro-creation Christian. He doesn’t want to start the “holier than thou” game with Paul.

  27. Marijuana-related car accidents. Some one is seriously outta touch with reality. WE (me & my wife) smoke the good sh!t ever morning before we drive to work. No accidents as of yet[knock-knock]. But, if I had about O’ say…..4 bottles of ROGUE; dead guy ale, I would not be able to drive–let alone work.
    Potheads don’t belong in prison 4 life!!
    Alcoholics who beat and rape women should be, tho??

  28. I truley believe that this whole idea of the war on drungs is simpley a war that CANNOT be won. Yet, our federal goverment insists that they’re are keeping cannabis away from us, we all know thats not true. Goverment keeps this “war on drugs” going because they get so much money to keep it going on on the federal level and state level. Statistics show that around 80% of police times is dedicated truley to enforcing marijuana laws and filling paperwork. Its rediculous.
    As americans it should be our right to be treated equal to other americans not to the ones that are shooting each other breaking real crimal laws. Its not fair and something needs to be done, our government has been sucking us out of our Cival Liberties since The Prohibition of Cannabis.

  29. Dr.Ron Paul said it all I do not have to any comments to add to his superior knowledge of this subject. Stepehen Baldwin you are not a debater and please do not get any ideas to run for public office.
    Ron Paul buried you with such eloquence and class.
    #86.To the senator from Idaho using antiquated and bias data with all due respect sir, you are very wrong and one day you or your loved ones may need the service of cannabis.I pray not.
    Ron Paul for President!

  30. I don’t thing Stephen Baldwin has EVER smoked cannabis. I tried many things when I was a teen. Then I tried cannabis and I left everything else behind. Other drugs are simply not as good. Gateway my ___.

  31. Did they pay Baldwin to do this or is he really still back in the days of “Reefer Madness”? Misinformed lost to the well informed. Ron Paul was very informative and educated on the subject I enjoyed listening to what he had to say. How come we don’t have more Representatives like him?

  32. Hello Friends,
    I encourage you all to get on board with Dr. Paul. Obama is a puppet and it is a pipedream if you think he is going to make any serious moves for marijuana reform. I invite you to learn more about the message Ron Paul is spreading about protecting our personal liberties and to learn about other like-minded politicians: Please check out and join if you like!!!
    Thanks much. Cheers,

  33. Hey #87, I couldn’t agree anymore!!! Marijuana SHOULD NOT BE TAXED OR REGULATED BY THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!! Our government destroys EVERYTHING they touch. We already have GMO foods that are unlabeled and we have no clue what the long term effects are. Do we want that to happen to marijuana!?!?!? Think about it. I would love to see marijuana legalized, but keep bureaucracy out of it!

  34. @ Jim:
    *sigh* So I take it you’re going w/ the “Bitch & Moan” route? Why even try when our government’s just one big, oppressive, and corrupted machine and we’re a dystopian society of sheep w/ the illusion of freedom… yeah, yeah, I got it (I loved “The Matrix” too). You’re not excited about any of the possibilities of cannabis reform, I can live w/ that.
    I’m not even going to attempt to get into a psychoanalytical argument about our government w/ you b/c it’d be a colossal waste since this is neither the time or the place for it. NORML and its website are primarily dedicated to ending the prohibition of cannabis, nothing more, so I’m not going to change the focus of why many of us come here and answer you w/ a rebuttal.
    But despite what you say, I won’t stop having faith & hope that WE can change our government’s stance on cannabis. Faith and hope is all I got left in fighting the good fight for bud. So everyone, if you haven’t at least written to your politician, do so now.
    Oh, and Jim, if you’ve toked one and you’re still pissed off, it’s probably time to score some better stuff. This dank stuff I’ve got has me on Cloud 9 w/o a care in the world. The old lady’s been yelling at me for something for the last 30 mins and I’ve just been sitting here w/ a perma-grin on my face. Like I said before “things could be worse”. Peace

  35. To Edgar, maybe you should get some better stuff. Then maybe you could get off your couch. As for me, I didn’t say I was doing nothing about the situation. That would be your interpretation. I am just sick of the potheads that buy your naive stance. This country was born in violence, and will die/be reborn again in violence. Too many potheads have laid on the couch for too long to delay this approach. You can think what you want from your apathetic stoned approach. As for me, I use pot whenever I have a need to rethink my approach. Violence is coming, and no amount of dank is going to diminish that violence.
    Bitch and moan? Bite me. The only reason they are considering legalization is to delay the inevitable collapse of government. Maybe if you had gotten off the couch and gotten a degree in Liberal Arts you would understand the nature of government. I see you didn’t exactly apply yourself in that manner.
    Maybe if you would get off the couch and quit waiting for your “representative” or someone else to change the law, or maybe even make your own law, there would be no debate about legalizing it. Instead, you choose this naive viewpoint that the few corrupt people in Washington just don’t understand. That don’t make it so. They do, there is simply too much money to be made from it being illegal. Luckily, the currency has failed (no, I’m not explaining ECO 101 to you), we are in a depression, and ergo; the time is ripe for revolution. But, you probably believe our reps are just poor mis-understanding people who would truly care if they only knew. Tell that to Miss Raisch. Tell that to all of the sick who were murdered by the state. Tell that to the 20 million arrested. Tell that to the oil companies, cotton companies, car industries, timber industries, pharma companies, etc. Tell that to Bush, Sr. who ramped up the coke trade with his Iran/Contra affair (yea, it’s on my web-site). Believing in Obama is believing you can polish a Bush and make it something worthwhile. The biggest contribution Bush made to the world was to crash it.
    As for me, I live in Florida, I do not run to safer ground. I make my ground my own, so blow me on the moving aspect. I have a lump on a rib, but no health care, nor do I believe in chemo. In short, I have nothing to lose, though I am actually freed more by that realization than anything else. At my age, and after all I’ve seen, and been a part of, suitabilities do not frighten me anymore. Those in charge are frightened, but not of you. They are frightened only of people who pose a threat to their position. That wouldn’t be those who abide by the rules of their tyranny. Bankers are the bane of our existence. We live in a world of abundance, and this b.s. scarcity model is of their invention. It needs to burn down, and it will. So go ahead, sit back, chill, burn your bowl, and watch the world burn while you do nothing but criticize/preach/fight from the sidelines like all the other losers. No one cares what the people on the sidelines think. For they never do.

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