SAMHSA: State-by-State Marijuana Use Report

Recently, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) released a state-by-state drug use report that is both useful and informative. These government reports, like others regarding drug use, are based on surveys and the willingness of respondents to be truthful about their illicit drug use.

According to SAMHSA, what states had the highest and lowest marijuana rates of cannabis use? Rhode Island (16.2%) and Utah (7.17%) respectively.
The New York TimesEconomix blog created some helpful interactive mapping to illustrate the SAMSHA  data.

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  1. Why do I always see surveys and reports about the number of marijuana users in the U.S. yet my friends and I have never been questioned about our use. Sounds like a bunch of bullcrap to me.

  2. Looks like all the go-green campaigns work quite well! Oh wait, wrong map… Beautiful, nonetheless.

  3. ALOT of people smoke marijuana in Iowa so my guess is alot of people here wasnt truthful 3.5% that shits funny

  4. Yeah, what a huge waste of money! The billions pumped into prohibition could be used for ummmmm HEALTHCARE!

  5. I just read where our famous FEDs have arrested more old people in California for using cannabis for medical reasons…We must stop this!!

  6. The real rate here in West Virginia is more like 40% at least. In my town, the rate is probably around 70% of residents smoke marijuana at least once a year.

  7. The dea has a supply of marijuana too, it’s just not available to the public lol…or maybe it is. (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  8. Would someone please use this information to estimate state by state tax revenues? Based on California’s $1.3 billion annual revenues if cannabis were taxed, estimates could be made taking into account the population of the rest of the states. I don’t know of any state that does not need revenues to get out of the hole. A report such as this ought to put even more pressure on the feds to end federal prohibition and let the states decide.

  9. Hey anyone: two days ago i commented on the big local raid in my small town. Due to this huge raid my town is VERY dry and i suffer from mental illness… i self presribe. So my best friend in a large city a few hours away wants to send me some thru the mail. So to anyone who may kno… is it possible to do without gettin caught? How should it be done? He jus wants to hollow out a candle and stuff a sack in. Id welcome any logistic knowledge or otherwise.

  10. Wait a minute… read the full report. The survey was taken on individuals ages 12 and older. I want to see the statistic without the 12 to 18 year olds. I bet the “legal” aged percentages would be significantly higher!

  11. That map made me litterally laugh out loud when i saw it. The prohibition on marijuana definitely seems to be working.

  12. wow see what happens when the econamy crashes now people are worried. Sooooo with worry falls somethin to help cope and what do you have thats safe? WEED. At least with weed you dont have to worry about killin yourself when you drive home from your friends house. Unlke Booze where you hit the first tree!!!

  13. As for our beloved Hemp plant being a (controlled substance ) They.. (the imperial federal government of the divided states of america ) do a lousy job of contolling it ! The only things these morons control is we the people ! Well I say fuck them ! These idiots cant even run cash 4 clunkers !Iam the dictator of my world & I declare Hemp Fuckin legal !!!! Boycott Big Pharma! Their poison will kill U !!! Let every day be independents day ! Let Freedom Ring ! Free the flowers !

  14. I love the map. That’s really all that’s needed, it says it all. My favorite is the tiny orange dot representing DEA headquarters.

  15. Has anyone heard the new ad obviously put out by the Drug , Tobacco and Alcohol industry ?
    It starts out with a Mother telling her son that in School they will be doing drug testing . She then asked her son if he ever tried Pot . Then she says cocaine , heroin , speedballs , etc. What they are attempting to do is combine marijuana w/ all hard drugs to decieve you the public into thinking that , Pot is exactly like all other hard drugs .This is what is meant as ” deceptive ” advertising which really means they are cleverly telling you lies about marijuana to steer you to taking their HARD drugs which can cause death , addiction or irreversible harm to the human body . Marijuana does none of these things .

  16. I’m sure there’s actually a ton of marijuana in the DEA headquarters. Too bad none of them actually try smoking it and see how much it expands your mind. Maybe then they wouldn’t kill people who do use it.

  17. I wonder what this map would look if it were done in the alcohol prohibition era? Pretty much the same I would guess

  18. I call BS on that, Rhode Island the highest rate of Cannabis use? lol, yeah right.
    Apparently they haven’t been to NY. From what i experienced, at least 7 or 8 out of 10 smoke the herb over here.
    Hell NYC alone smokes a hell of a lot more than those Rhode Islanders any day of the week. This survey is vague at best, i’m guessing Rhode Island is just more honest with it’s use than the other states. Can you really blame the other states for that? It’s Illegal, why admit use if there is a possibly that they would be monitoring you every second of the day till you get caught smoking.
    I’ll tell you this much NORML, when it does finally become legal THAT’S when you will see a true honest poll about there herb use and i guarantee NY will be number 1.

  19. Questions:
    I went to the Economix blog and read the article. It indicates that 51% of Americans drank alchohol over the one year period. If this figure is true of alchohol, why would marijuana usage rates not look similar if it were to become legal as well?
    Another interesting point made on the matter of drug use beyond marijuana that Ive heard recently is that alchohol and tobacco kill far more people because they are legal, and usage rates are far higher than that of cocaine or other hard drugs. If these harder drugs were legalized, how much net increase of drug related deaths would result?
    Im not making the case for prohibition, just trying to sharpen my apologetics. Any thoughts?

  20. YOU ARE FOOLIN’ YOURSELVES if you think the DEA “doesn’t have [cannabis] available!”
    They have all the best stuff!
    Smoke all ya want, we’ll grow more!

  21. If…our elected representaitves won’t act on a 85% mandate by We the People, then We the Pople must prevail by initiative. “WE ARE NO LONGER ASKING…
    WE’RE TELLING.” Political correctness be damned. We the People have a grievance. Then will you hear us now! We the People are unequivocally giving our elected representatives notice that their political careers are hanging in the balance. [MORE TO COME]
    There’s an old adage that “THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE OIL.” It’s our objective to squeak until we get the oil…or…squeak until we run our prohibitionists out of office, which ever comes first. There’s no two ways about it. Our elected representatives are going to represent We the People or suffer the consequencse.
    Obeying the power will be a mute subject to our ears. Another adage is…”SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE TUNE THE AUDIANCE WANTS TO HEAR,” or your audiance may walk out on you…if not…throw tomatoes at you. In either case…the audiance will bring the curtain down on you.
    Today…”85% of We the People want medicinal cannabis legalized.” Somewhere within the remaining 15%, we identify the power that denies us, We the People, our medicine of choice, not to mention “Anything else” that power doesn’t want us to have. “Anyhting else” is a different story for another time. We must maintain a “SINGLE MINDED PURPOSE.” That purpose is to “Legalize” medicianl cannabis in all fifty states as expediently, efficiently, and effectively as humanly possible.
    It’s our intent/objective to direct our energy (bring pressure) on the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, and the Food and Drug Administration to re-schedule the whole plant material from a schedule I substance to a schedule III substance by:
    1. “Defining” the whole plant substance.
    2. Prove that medicinal cannabis has “Current recognized medical utility, with no potential for abuse.
    By proving cannabis has current acceptable medical use…”BY LAW”(Controlled Substances Act-CSA)…
    it “MUST BE REMOVED” from schedule I.
    Adopted in 1970 The Controlled Substances Act-CSA, established a federal regulatory system designed to “RECREATIONAL DRUG ABUSE”…not…”MEDICINAL.”
    It’s federal government’s view that cannabis is a drug with “no currently accepted medical use.” This posture underscores government’s lack of knowledge, and the practical use of that knowledge. In fact, it’s ludicrous at the very least.
    Foregoing a protracted discussion…”WE’VE BEEN TOLD…WE CAN’T HAVE IT.” We cannot consume a medication recommended by our physician while under that phyician’s medical care. “Being a True American,” the only response we could possibly give is…”NO CAN DO!…FUCK YU…AND YOUR DELUSIONAL STATE OF MIND.” While we’re at it…quit messin’ with our Constitution…or…your political career will be political grass. Your political ass will be buried face down…and…you will know waht a “Sorry Ass” is…in the end.
    Rebel with a cause [CA-GD]

  22. Don’t let the number of marijuana users in Utah fool you. Utah dwarfs all other states in opiate usage. Esspecially perscription drug abuse. The Word of Wisdom (A health guide for the majority religion) doesn’t say anything is wrong with taking a pill.

  23. I want to see the map that illustrates the percentage of those surveyed who were unwilling to be truthful, or even respond about their illicit drug use when surveyed by the same government that wants to put them in jail,take their property and ruin their lives. My drug use, and/or non-use, is none of anyone else’s damn business, and especially governments’ at any level. The truth is almost all people take drugs (from coffee to PCP), and not one of their body metabolisms differentiate among them based on current legal status. How the hell did we ever let government start getting involved in things that are not specifically authorized by the Constitution? Whatever happened to freedom and liberty? Do we truely deserve to be nothing better than slaves, wards of the government?

  24. Still there is a fire erupting even in Utah I live here n see it. Can anyone else smell that legilization? (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  25. Way to suck, survey. Here’s the definition of an illicit drug:
    Across the United States, 8.1 percent of people had used an illicit drug in the last month. Illicit drug use was lowest in Iowa (5.2 percent in the last month) and highest in Rhode Island (12.5 percent). (Here “illicit drugs” includes “marijuana/hashish, cocaine (including crack), heroin, hallucinogens, inhalants, or prescription-type psychotherapeutics used nonmedically.”)
    Notice how meth and painkillers aren’t on there?
    Like I said, way to suck.

  26. I’ve been driving high about everyday the past 2 years and I say it’s actually helped my driving skills lol. Perfectly clean driving record. Wouldn’t be the same if it was alcohol!
    Marijuana is sooooo misjudged =/

  27. This map makes you think the green party just won the election. What happened to the red and blue states? Oh yea someone let the cat out of the bag about cannabis and now everyone everywhere is using! This prohibition is working about as well as most government run programs. I think their goals are to spend a lot of money and get almost nothing in return. I guess us pot takers are slowly taking over the whole dam country.

  28. Humm . see the nice green map there, all that green tells anyone with an average I.Q. that prohibition..wait for it…ISNT WORKING!!!
    I looked at the other maps also, there are lots of people in Iowa that drink. No doubt bout that. What it doesnt show is people in Iowa smoke lot of cannabis contrary to the maps. It just means most Iowans wont admit to it.Not to mention those that grow their own here.Its simple, dont want the law getting their hooks in ya, Dont talk. Smarter than the average ? Dont know. These polls are so outta wack in so areas. really,how do these poll takers know if someone is honest in their answers? they dont and never really can.

  29. Mike H at the top of this page hit the nail on the head.I know a lot of smokers myself included ,and nobody has ever surveyed us.these polls are useless propaganda
    designed to make us smokers think we are a very small group .I can give a more accurate guess just from looking at all my friends , relatives and past and present co-workers my guess is 45% nationwide and Ill bet I’m closer than the polls…

  30. Just because the DEA headquarters isn’t open to the public, doesn’t mean there isn’t high availability there.

  31. Check out my new video. Pass it ’round.
    Cannabis Prohibition: A Materpiece in The Art of Brainwashing

  32. Awesome! Now if they will just hurry up and legalize & tax it we can get the economy back to normal and move on to more important things.

  33. @ #25
    Not happening though, right? Killing and looting is the DEA’s bread and butter. They won’t give that up until Congress tells them they have to.

  34. Yea i am definatly positive that alot more than that smoke pot i have only met 2 ppl in my life that never did it n that goes to show its about time to legalize the shit aint it

  35. See just legalize it already America. I serve this country and i want to smoke LEGALLY!!!!!

  36. @ Chris #28
    Tobacco and alcohol do not kill people because they are legal, they kill people because they are poisons. Marijuana is natural and when used responsibly, poses no serious health risks.
    If MJ was legal, we would likely see alcohol and tobacco usage drop as more people would make the smarter choice and use MJ over alcohol and/or tobacco which would be a very good thing.
    Most people in society have already tried MJ and have already decided if it is for them or not. If its legalized, rates of use will likely not increase a considerable amount. Those who use will continue to use, those who don’t will continue to not use.

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