Oh The Irony: Speaker Of The House John Boehner Continues To Support Marijuana Prohibition

Unlike Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen (who favors America having a fair and constitutionally consistent cannabis policy…), the current Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, simply does not get how hypocritical he is by favoring another 74 years of the failed federal Cannabis Prohibition, while at the same time, being a frequent consumer (and longtime political ally) of far more dangerous and deadly drugs like alcohol and tobacco.
A NORML supporter from Ohio named Todd recently used NORML’s webpage to contact his elected representative in Congress, who just so happens to be the Speaker of the House John Boehner, to encourage him to become a co-sponsor of the Ron Paul/Barney Frank bill to allow states to legalize cannabis for responsible adult use.
What Todd did was exactly what tens of thousands of other like-minded NORML supporters have done since late June, when H.R. 2306 was introduced: they contacted their member of Congress and asked them to support the passage of H.R. 2306.

What cannabis reformers and consumers really need to do now is to send hundreds of thousands of letters and emails to their members of Congress, and to, like Todd, not take ‘no’ for an answer, especially from hypocrites like Speaker Boehner, who maybe one of the capital’s most notorious tobacco addicts and consumer of hard liquor.

Roll Call photo from a Sept. 2010 event capturing then Minority Leader John Boehner using society's most deadly and addictive drug: Tobacco
Last October at a fancy Washington restaurant in a section of town called ‘Barracks Row’, a week or so before his ascendency to the Speakership of the House, High Times’ associate publisher Rick Cusick and I watched Mr. Boehner (and five or six of his fellow Republican colleagues from the House, and one from the Senate) continuously leave their table–after rounds of shot glasses of hard liquor were consumed–to stand out in front of the establishment in a circle to smoke cigarettes. We witnessed this kind of excessive ‘drug’ consumption from Congressional leaders for over two hours.
Mr. Boehner, the son of a bar owner in Ohio, needs to get real and quick regarding losing his Reefer Madness about cannabis and to start treating cannabis consumers with the same respect and dignity that he wants afforded to him as a tobacco and alcohol consumer.
If not, then, based on his unscientific and non-sensible reply to his constituent in Ohio found below, the man should 1.) stop buying and consuming clearly deadly and dangerous drugs like hard booze and cigarettes and 2.) pass federal laws banning these unhealthy and unsafe products from people who’d be foolish enough to consume them.
NORML thanks ‘Todd’ from Ohio for being a stand up cannabis law reformer who is not keen to be governed by a hypocrite (who would have him consume drugs much, much less safe—and toxic—than cannabis. Just like him….).
Boehner writes below: “I am unalterably opposed to the legalization of marijuana or any other FDA Schedule I drug.  I remain concerned that legalization will result in increased abuse of all varieties of drugs, including alcohol.”
Maybe the Speaker of the House is speaking for himself here as both the science and my own personal experience is crystal clear here: When adults consume cannabis products they consume less—or no—alcohol products.
I, for one, have always publicly acknowledged that I consume far less alcohol (and don’t binge drink at all) if I have access to cannabis products.
Further, in the twenty years I’ve worked at NORML and convening dozens of major pro-reform conferences, fundraising parties and events I’ve watched bar managers, restaurant owners and hotel catering managers from coast-to-coast do major double and triple takes on our alcohol consumption bills, insisting that there must be some kind of billing error. When, in fact, if 500 cannabis consumers are attending a NORML soiree, we as a group consume 50%-75% less alcohol than similar size events.
At a large and famous San Francisco waterfront restaurant that hosted a NORML event a few years back, when I went into the manager’s office at the end of the night to settle the final bill and remit payment, he too was flabbergasted at the dearth of our large group’s alcohol consumption tab and wryly remarked to me: “No wonder ya’ll can’t get pot legalized, because, you’ll cut too deeply into the alcohol industry’s bottom line.”
Please join Todd and tens of thousands of other citizens who do not support Cannabis Prohibition anymore by contacting your member of Congress and insist that they co-sponsor H.R. 2306.
The process to lobby your member of Congress is easy, free and necessary to finally—and once and for all—end Cannabis Prohibition in America.

Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 1:19 PM, Congressman John Boehner wrote:
Dear Todd:
Thank you for contacting me regarding the legalization of marijuana.  I appreciate hearing from you.
On June 23, 2011, Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) introduced H.R. 2306, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011.  H.R. 2306 would remove marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act to provide states with jurisdiction in the regulation of marijuana.  H.R. 2306 has been referred to the House Committees on the Judiciary and Energy and Commerce for consideration.
According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), “research shows that marijuana use in its raw form is harmful and its average potency has tripled in the past 20 years.”  ONDCP goes on to say that “studies also show teens are using the drug at earlier ages and the earlier a person begins to use drugs, the more likely they are to progress to more serious abuse and addiction.”  In addition, the Department of Health and Human Services stated that “marijuana dependence in the U.S. population is higher than that for any other illicit drug and over 150,000 people who showed up voluntarily at treatment facilities in 2009 reported marijuana as their primary substance of abuse.”
As you know, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified marijuana, together with heroin, LSD, methamphetamines, hashish, and a number of other drugs as Schedule I drugs.  According to the FDA, these drugs carry a high potential for dangerous abuse.  To date, no clinical study of marijuana has progressed to the level required for approval by the FDA.  Even more, the Department of Justice has reiterated its intent to enforce the Controlled Substances Act in states who have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.
I am unalterably opposed to the legalization of marijuana or any other FDA Schedule I drug.  I remain concerned that legalization will result in increased abuse of all varieties of drugs, including alcohol.
Thank you again for contacting me with your thoughts.  Please don’t hesitate to inform me of your concerns in the future.  To sign up for email updates, I invite you to visit my website at http://johnboehner.house.gov.
John A. Boehner

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Dear John Boehner,
Wow thats a mouthful did someone write that for you.  Your seriously trying to tell me that marijuana is as harmful as lsd, crack, methamphetamines, cocaine,legal sildenafil,merinol and other “chemicals” when marijuana is a plant which is nearly impossible to overdose. You sir are uninformed as are most of our “representatives”, who, are supposed to represent the interest of the people, but end up representing their own interests entirely. I would think that given our current economic crisis, it would be ideal to look objectively at every opportunity to decrease frivolous spending, and increase revenue. By legalizing and taxing marijuana on a federal level, the taxes alone are estimated at billions of dollars annually. Given the annual cost of the failed war on drugs and incarcerated nonviolent marijuana users, the annual savings plus revenue could reach in the hundreds of billions of dollarsNot to mention the tens of thousands of jobs legalizing marijuana would create. This is common sense knowledge and neither you nor the “F.D.A.” can tell me otherwise.
As for your statement ” I remain concerned that legalization will result in increased abuse of all varieties of drugs, including alcohol.” Please elaborate as I do not understand how the legalization and regulation of marijuana on a federal level, will result in increased abuse of other drugs and alcohol. Regulating marijuana will not only decrease it’s availability on the black market, but will also decrease its value, therefore being less available, and of less interest, to teens and other underage people.
On the subject of the Department of Health and Human Services statement that “marijuana dependence in the U.S. population is higher than that for any other illicit drug and over 150,000 people who showed up voluntarily at treatment facilities in 2009 reported marijuana as their primary substance of abuse.” What this statement does not tell you is that roughly 97% of these 150,000 people “voluntarily” showed up because they were given an ultimatum by the courts when found in possesion of marijuana, rather than face probation, or even worse, jail time.
How about the statement made by Francis Young, the D.E.A.s’ own judge, “Marijuana in it’s natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.”  If marijuana is considered a schedule I narcotic with no medicinal benefits, why do we have Marinol, the  synthetic form of T.H.C. (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psycoactive substance found in marijuana?.  And why is the “chemical” Marinol a schedule III drug, meaning it is considered to be non-narcotic and to have a low risk of physical or mental dependence, when it is another form of T.H.C.?. There has never been a documented human fatality from overdosing on tetrahydrocannabinol or cannabis in its natural form. However, the synthetic T.H.C. pill Marinol was cited by the FDA as being responsible for 4 of the 11,687 deaths from 17 different FDA approved drugs between January 1, 1997 to June 30, 2005.
I would appreciate a personal response from you, rather than one of your pre-writen responses. Thank you for your time.

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  1. That picture of John Boehner made me deciede that as soon as i’m done writing this i’m going to go out and smoke a cigarette.

  2. Above is an initiative I wrote when CA tried to pass Prop 19. I’ve been trying to at least get the rough draft reviewed. It’s fairly thorough. I just hope someone will take the time to read it and provide some positive feedback. Thank you.

  3. It should be “fewer – or no – alcohol products,” not “less – or no – alcohol products.”
    Otherwise, great blog entry.

  4. It will be a happy day for America when John Boehner is gone for good! His arrogance is astounding! I believe he is the main reason that not more good has been done since President Obama was elected. He does his utmost to block anything and everything the President Obama and the Democratic Party does and doesn’t seem to care if it hurts the country as long as it benefits him. He really needs to go away – far away…
    I have, once again, written to my State officials about this.

  5. His niece is in one of my classes at Northern Kentucky University. I should bring this up lol.
    I hate how every single congress member (almost) sends the exact same message pretty much. “Marijuana is dangerous, its not approved by the FDA, yada yada yada”
    It shows how ignorant they are when there is hard proof of the benefits of cannabis and proof that keeping it illegal is expensive and not productive.

  6. Failure of America. Really why does he start out by saying “Thank you for contacting me regarding the legalization of marijuana. I appreciate hearing from you.”
    I want to stop him and kick him out of his job. Instead of saying thank you why can’t it be discussed, we don’t need this screwbag telling us that marijuana is harmful in a study he found. How about he let the people decide for a chance, because I can’t find it to be harmful in any way. Peanuts are more dangerous and even water using the same principle.
    I know what I want but some guy who never tried smoking pot or would ever be willing to try is getting paid to keep it’s status illegal based off some random garbage that obviously has no truths.
    American people want it legal, you get the money, we get our peace of mind.
    The people who don’t want it legal come take a look at what it can do for people instead of focusing on negatives and exaggerating everything. Look at alcohol or cigs I hate the smell of cigs, and alcohol gives me hangovers. I love the smell of pot because there are so many varieties just like the coffee but coffee is OK to drink. Quit making us stay in the prison of your world, America is huge and the cultural difference is huge. Let us be who we are so we can progress finally. Plus don’t tell me the US wouldn’t mind an extra 17 Billion a year in pure profit while giving farmers in America green jobs.

  7. Great job Todd. Thank you!
    John “Its my party and I’ll cry if I want to” Boehner is a drug addict and a hypocrite. Piece of shit…….

  8. Thank you! Very well written Todd. It’s pretty easy to see where he (Boehner) is coming from, being the son of a bar owner. I too, now that I can grow my own marijuana for consumption, rarely drink alcohol. My family thanks me, my children are happier, I am happier around them, I am happier period. How is that wrong? My pursuit of happiness has somewhat been reached. Very thankful to be a Californian, but equality for those who choose a safer alternative to poison still needs to be acheived. Thank you for being another voice not affraid to speak out. We all thank you, and thank you NORML (and your supporters)!!!

  9. He can’t speak for himself because he’s a big cry baby who gets pay offs from the tobaco and alcohol companies so of course he doesn’t support legalization. He needs to be voted out and sent home crying to his mommy!

  10. “According to the FDA, these drugs carry a high potential for dangerous abuse.” Doesn’t ALCOHOL have a high potential for ABUSE? Should it not be a schedule 1 drug as it has no medicinal value? Same thing for tobacco. In fact these 2 drugs are the leading root cause for our health problems and even deaths whereas cannabis has never caused a single death.

  11. Senator Reid,
    First off thank you for your efforts on behalf of the residents of our State. I look forward to seeing the improvments at the Reno-Tahoe airport.
    I have written previously reguarding HR 2306 and continue to encourage friends and family to do the same. I am just taking the time now note that Representative Cohen of Tennesse has requested a review of the classification of marijunia. I ask that you support this effort in opposition to Senator Boehner. Mr. Boehner’s message to his constituents seems to be that I should be having a hard enough time controling my alchol intake that legalization of marijuana would just be too much for me to regulate. I submit that as a healthy productive adult, I can manage my own recreational time, as I assume he does, without ill affect.
    I am in favor of HR 2306. A little about myself, to perhaps dismiss some stigmas you may have associated with marijuna. I served honorably for 23 years in the US military. While on duty in the service , which is 24/7 365 days a years, I respected the service’s drug policy and abided by it. My belief is that post legalization the service will continue “fit for duty” testing as needed.
    I have 2 children currently in colledge and I have spoken to them reguarding the difference between abuse and use and thier need as adults to make adult choices. I also spoke to them as teenagers and advised them to respect thier adolesecent development and leave decisions about marijuana until they reached adulthood.
    I recall the story of the ATF selling guns to mexican drug cartels and the subsequent murder of a US border patrol agent. These are the personnel charged with the “war on drugs” and an onerous example of how they are conducting it.
    Prohibition is bad policy, I ask that you strenghten our borders, reduce the black market and end the social injustices created by it.

  12. It’s like I keep saying. Prohibitionists of all stripes depend on the ONDCP and DEA for support for their policy positions. Their policy positions are based upon donations, perks and indirect support from guess who, tobacco and alcohol businesses who are hellbent NOT to change the mission of the DEA and ONDCP. The mission of these organizations is to approve, fund and disseminate information about the negative aspects of cannabis, bought and paid for by you know who, basically. It says so in their mission statements.
    Other scientific studies that do not focus or result in support to keep cannabis illegal do not fall into the oeuvre. The facts are irrelevant because they’ve already made up their minds, and are basically too fucking lazy and venal to actually read the studies and positions that are positive for cannabis.
    In law, you can argue the facts, or you can argue the law. Here, Boner is arguing the law. He’s just another Dr. Zaius type.
    You have to get their fucking mission statements changed so that they have to consider all the evidence, even that which is positive for cannabis.
    How that gets done is another matter. Maybe you can have Frank and Paul et al. proposed legislation that does only that, and nothing more. I mean really, do I have to think of everything. Really!
    This blog/board is supposed to function as a sort of a brain trust for you to take the best ideas and use postings as a springboard for progress, and you are doing a good job of it, I must say.
    But really, do I have to think of everything?
    Did you get Saturday Night Live on board to have a parody of SNL’s fake news to ridicule and deride various high profile prohibitionists such as the drug czar, Leonhart, and other fucking assholes like Boehner?

  13. I love my country. I truly do. It infuriates me to the point of insanity to hear people from other nations, and even our own, malign the United States purely because it has become fashionable to do so. Having said that, I’m am deeply concerned that we, as a nation, are entering a downward spiral which may well end this greatest of nations. The cause of this spiral is not the Republicans, though the Democrats like to claim so. Neither is it the fault of the Democrats, though the Republicans certainly point the finger to them. The cause is the two-party system itself. It ensures that a candidate–ANY candidate–is running for election SOLELY to put themselves in the position of being the specific pockets that the massive special interests that truly hold the power must line. Cannabis will NEVER be legalized, as long as the tobacco and alcohol industries (and textile, and paper, ad nauseum) have a vested monetary interest in seeing it remain prohibited.
    The only hope of any real change lies with each individual state, as it always has since the founding. Only when all, or nearly all, of the states have decided that prohibition is not the most sound policy, will the Feds begin to come into line. Its all well and good to be optimistic, but I don’t realistically see this happening within the next ten years, perhaps even twenty. As always, the Federal government does NOT solve problems. Ever. EVER. It is a monster that can only eat, and grow.
    Do not trust politicians, not a single one. Even those who seemingly stand up against prohibition are suspect to me. Paul, Cohen, Frank, etc. may very well be simply courting the growing number of voters who favor reform. Once in office, there is every possibility that they will then work to appease the voters who do not. I’m not advocating non-support of candidates such as these (hell, you have to cast your vote for SOMEBODY, or you are an irrelevancy with no place in this debate). I am simply saying, beware. These people are the foxes guarding the henhouse, in a very real sense.

  14. The beureaucrats will never surrender on expanding a failing program even when it is a true and proven that thier methods are a complete and utter failure.
    Typical zealot mentality to keep going forward at all costs everything is expendable except them. The fall from grace to hell is not enough to admit thier faults not even when the abyss is inevitable.
    Ray DiPasquale

  15. What we need is alcohol and tobacco prohibition! FAST!
    Then we can hire another 900,000 cops, build another couple thousand prisons, and lock up dangerous drug addicts like the Speaker before they influence children with their insane drug addicted lifestyles!

  16. The bottom line is, tobacco is looked upon to be “okay” because it is legal. Tobacco gives no healthy benefit what so ever. So what is the point of it? It makes no sense to me to have something that does not help man kind. Why are these politicians not fighting the war against tobacco and alcohol if they have PROVEN to be very harmful, and addictive. Our government actually has a chart that shows the annual deaths per year in the united states and these 2 are at the top. WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?!

  17. Wow Todd’s letter is tame compared to what I’ve been writting them and not getting any better results. I like to get into treason and crimes against humanity.
    Haven’t said baby killers yet even though they are.

  18. While Boehner was uninformed and incorrect (in our eyes, anyway), he did respond in a very polite manner. If someone expresses an opinion in contradiction with your own, it is not grounds to be rude. We won’t be taken seriously if we can’t extend even the most basic of courtesies to our political opponents.

  19. I agree with #19. We need tobacco and alcohol prohibition. How can we get it started? There has to be a lot of groups out there ready to get the ball rolling. MADD,church groups,etc. Even if we can’t start a prohibition on these two drugs, we can surely make some noise and maybe some of their sales might go down a little.

  20. I wish someone will get there facts right about marijuana,I was burned in a house fire when I was one and a half years old and have been smoking marijuana for 21 years.Yet I don’t drink or do any other drugs,and never committed a crime in my life but my government going to try and tell me marijuana is worse than cocaine.I think that they have fell and bumped there heads,and its time for us too make a change.It is time for us too elect people that will stand up for us!

  21. “Did you get Saturday Night Live on board to have a parody of SNL’s fake news to ridicule and deride various high profile prohibitionists such as the drug czar, Leonhart, and other fucking assholes like Boehner?”
    I’ve often wondered why I’ve never seen this myself…..Probably because the network is bought and paid for by BIG PHARMA

  22. While I despise and am allergic to tobacco and only drink when there is no weed to be found, I would fight against prohibition of any kind. It only makes us look worse than the IGNORANT scumbags we are fighting now.
    I would support a full out bloody revolution, as supported in the constitution if pot stays illegal much longer………….

  23. Oh and one other thing: Boehner’s reply was the same exact reply , word for word, that I get every time I sent a letter to my congressmen. In other words, Boehner’s reply IS A FORM LETTER.

  24. I don’t want more prohibition on anything, I just want the ones that are there to go away. While I agree that cigs and alcohol are worse than MJ, throwing smokers under the bus helps us how?? I’m afraid that if we use the all or nothing approach, we’ll end up losing the right to use any of them.

  25. I’m getting mixed responses from the two Senators I recently contacted over continued support of the DEA – given our current debt crisis and Tea-Party Republicans demands to cut spending. The DEA was created in 1971 by then pres. Richard Nixon, and against advice from his own select ultra-conservative committee (the Shaffer Committee) to advise him on the dangers of drugs and how exactly to bring about a functionally and effective policy on drugs, chose to ignore his committees recommendations that cannabis not be made subject to criminalization, did so anyway, going one step further and assuring it a Schedule One classification despite lack of any facts till this day to back up it’s classification.
    One of the Senators I contacted seemed open to my letter, the other strongly in support of continuing the War on Cannabis. My response to the pro-prohibition Senator: “Then add tobacco and alcohol to Schedule One where they do belong!”

  26. Forget bout boenher he’s unreachable. Nothin but a alckey nico zombie. Better we start a new prohibition campaign against alcohol n cigs. It won’t be easy for some of us. But just say why. Why is deadly legal n safe cannabis not? If we all abstain n encourage others with sick love ones to do so for couple months they will notice our message. Think bout it.

  27. No wonder their so disfunctional. I believe drug treatment is needed maybe drug testing for govt. employees would help. This is a prime example of hypocrisy. If they were in their right mind,maybe this stalemate would have never happened. Who’s addicted now? how can Boener control the republican party if he can’t control himself? does this affect him doing the right thing? Smoke CANNABIS ALWAYS! EXCELLENT ass kicker!

  28. Yea way to go my bro in ohio. Let’s be “progressive” n get all of ohio high. Let’s. All say NO in all of NOvember to any alchohol products. If you smokers can also great but its a stronger addiction than heroin so good luck kicking it for the good of sweet leaf.

  29. It’s mind numbing to think that with all of these so called “intelligent” polticians in our nations capital we can’t have an open, honest, and truthful discussion about cannabis. You want to talk about intelligence when we can’t even adhere to what truth is and actually applying it within one’s life. Pitiful. You know why this discussion won’t take place until the prohib dinosaurs are gone? Because they know that is s discussion they will NEVER win no matter how they spin it! Avoiding this won’t make it go away. Keep telling the American public that cannabis is a schedule 1 drug with no medical value. LIES. Politicians, puppets for big business, are good at that. Boehner you’re making yourself look ignorant and hypocritical along with every other person who continues to believe in the propaganda that has been spewed for decades then goes out and drinks alcohol, smokes tainted tobacco or takes pain meds. They want to downplay it’s significance and say that we have more important things to discuss. Denouncing flat out lies to corner the markets isn’t a big enough issue? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. It would be a done deal if they would adhere to the FACTS and not PROPAGANDA. Cannabis is a safer alternative than alcohol, tobacco and pain meds. What the hell do I know I don’t have a piece of paper saying that I have a right to an unbiased, fact based opinion? I’m tired of the hypocrites invading our minds scope hiding behind their fancy degrees and having interns write their rebuttals for them. The truth of the matter is that the cannabis issue isn’t important to THEM and their fine with continuing to lie to the nation while the special interests fill their pockets with money. HUSH $. FLUSH $. Boehner, I used to like you but now your just another puppet on the long list. I expected more from you sir. Why do all politicains treat the topic of cannabis as if it were plutonium? The only thing career politicians know how to do is screw over the American taxpayers. Corrupt. PROVE me otherwise! Prohibs anytime you want to know the TRUTH about cannabis please contact Mr. Armentano I’m sure he would be more than happy to help you with your short sighted views on the subject. Not that the TRUTH has ever stopped politicans and big business from getting what they want. CORRUPT. Keep lieing. Keep thinking that you’re unreplaceable. Remember you work for us and if you can’t do the job then we’ll find someone else. I’ll continue to spread the TRUTH about cannabis and will do so in a civil manner but honestly reasoning with career prohibs is pointless. One day cannabis will be legal and it will happen when the will of the people is honored. Until then we will reamin vigilant. Both parties you’re not aiding this country or it’s people you’re systematically destroying it. Disgraceful. Intelligence?!

  30. That’s right, we need to get in prohibitionists lives and document all their drug abuse! These hypocrites need to be exposed. Get more pictures of these morons smoking dangerous tobacco and drinking deadly alcohol!

  31. The alcohol and tobacco industries reap in billions of dollars in state and FEDERALISM taxes. They could’nt care about the after effects on the human body just like BIG PHARMA drugs, pay off the lawsuits and keep the ball rolling and create more drugs to counter react the side effects of the other garbage they spew out. Another new pain pill or a new happy drug and they are FDA approved. What is approved by the people does’nt matter, it’s all about SYNTHETIC vs NATURAL. Since when did the DEA become sciencetists of SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS or NATURAL. The MARIJUANA PROHIBITIONSTS in Congess enjoy listening to their own lies because they ignorant of the real truth and back up the DEA and FDA in supporting these lies. They need a little smoke and a mirror to really take a good look at themselves but their reality is FEDERALISM, another no brainer. The BARBARIANS are the gate and they use violence and death as mortar to keep the WALL OF MARIJUANA PROHIBITION TOGETHER. The INQUISITION and the 21ST CENTURY INQUISITORS will spend another trillion dollars to create UNICORNS and CHAOS in our system for the love of a DRUG WAR that is not working. We do not need Government intrusion on what we ingest in our bodies, we need FREEDOM OF CHOICE and just laws that are not FEDERALISTIC. I don’t need a FEDERAL BABYSITTER, I need FREEDOM FROM WANT and the CONSTITUTION.

  32. Am I the only one paying attention to the numerous grammar mistakes in that letter? Don’t get me wrong, the letter itself has a great message and great intentions. The problem is, if you want us cannabis consumers to look like intelligent human beings who know what we’re talking about, you can’t send in a letter that looks like it was written by a fifth-grader. Seriously, the red pen is your friend, folks. Give your stuff a good ol’ proof read before you send it in.
    I mean, the opening line: “Wow thats a mouthful did someone write that for you.”
    *Ahem* – “Wow, that’s a mouthful. Did someone write that for you?”
    Honestly, that many mistakes in one sentence (at the very beginning no less) made me want to stop reading…
    Not to sound harsh, but I can’t help but feel that we can’t have those who represent us in the community sending in material that’s written so poorly. I don’t know, it makes me feel misrepresented or something. I feel like Mr. Boehner is going to look at that and just think, “Wow, those potheads sure are dumb…”.

  33. Just a relatively quick note about a comment made by the editor in the article. It was mentioned that alcohol consumption decreased with increased access to cannabis. I can qualitatively relate to that. I believe, if I’m remembering correctly, that substance use is directly related to stress. It would make sense that cannabis would be enough of a stress deducer for some, and other alternatives such as alcohol would often be less necessitated (with that I’ll move off subject and assume that the alcohol industry knows well that cannabis — in the longterm — would likely cause a noticeable dent in alcohol sales.)
    Everything in moderation I suppose! As an analogy I imagine this: We regard swimming as particularly normal and safe. But it’s not necessarily engraved in humans as a requirement of life. Neither is drug usage. But both can be harmful. You wouldn’t stay under water for an hour (and die), just like it’s not healthy to use cigarettes (or alcohol, or cannabis, or others) for an exorbitant amount of time.

  34. Holy Smokes. I googled from the letter “As you know, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified marijuana, together with heroin, LSD, methamphetamines, hashish, and a number of other drugs as Schedule I drugs. According to the FDA, these drugs carry a high potential for dangerous abuse.” Guess what. The exact same thing was quoted from Mark Foleys letter in 1998. Very original Mr. Boehner.
    The Rev.sLeezy

  35. Re “A ruling against medical pot,” July 9
    So the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says marijuana has no accepted use for treating diseases. Very interesting, since U.S. Patent No. 6,630,507 states that cannabinoids are useful in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases.
    The patent, awarded in 2003, is assigned to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

  36. Wow Todd, all I can say is incrediblely awesome job.Your credit rating just went up with me. After hearing the conversation Mr Boehner had prior to the President’s jobs speach(caring only about himself and his golf game),coupled with this, he his definently pro special intrests. I doubt his profit motive is morality driven. So is he just a puppet or a desperate man with nothing but stale retorict to cling to? This idiot would be a huge domino if this trip turned into a fall. Thanks again Todd.

  37. It’s this kind of ignorance that raises my blood pressure high. I don’t logically understand why we operate society how we do, but then again not everyone thinks how I do; so I guess there’s reason somewhere. But still, I would have to say this blog entry pretty much entirely summarizes how I feel about the hypocrisy in general.

  38. Interesting statistical observation: more people have died (I believe somewhere above 4) from Marinol (dronabinol) than ever have from cannabis (which has yet to be confirmed as a primary cause of death by overdose).
    Do you trust the FDA, the “gold standard” of medicine, which contributes to the 100,000 or so (accidental) overdoses of pharmaceutical “medicine” yearly? People PLEASE wake up. I don’t know if it’s the good knowledge or the good weed, but I can’t logically understand how/why we do this shit.
    No. one. has. ever. died. from pot. yet. it’s. the. most. illicit. safest. substance. on. Earth. It’s as if everything is the opposite of what it should be. I just don’t understand!!!!!!

  39. The FDA kills more people every second than marijuana ever has in the history of its existence to mankind. Stick that in your fucking pipe and smoke it DEA, ONDCP, NIDA, FDA, DOJ, NDIC, and any other ignorant political fuck-bag not mentioned.

  40. Todd: I wrote to my Congressman and got a similar answer. It is my belief that there is a plank in the Republican platform that is anti-cannabis. I wrote back as well, but have received no response to my second missive. I don’t really expect a response since he has obviously said all he has to say. I, however, will keep writing to him and reminding him that I will still not be voting for him in the next cycle.
    The fact that the Dept of HHS has a patent on cannabinoids speaks volumes on why the G is so anti-decriminalization. The double standard is glaring. The American people are not stupid people. I am tired of being flat out lied to. They cannot have it both ways.
    What I see politicians doing is plain old-fashioned stonewalling. The shade of Tricky Dick is close on this issue. For the second time since Nixon’s administration, an administrative law judge has ruled for marijuana, and for the second time, the ruling on marijuana has been duly ignored by our elected officials. I will be voting out all incumbents next cycle, right down to my County Sheriff and County Supervisor.
    I will never stop using marijuana. I have used it since 1972; in that time, I have quit drinking alcohol other than the occasional beer with my pizza. I smoke 1/2 a pack of cigarettes a day. When I drank, I could smoke a whole pack in one evening! And, I hate to say, I would drive home drunk. DUI MJ is never on my list because it is too scary, I am waaay to cautious and paranoid, and if I wait an hour, I know I’ll be good to go. That is not the case with alcohol. And, as adults, we all know this, so why take the idiotic stance Boner and his fellow R’s are taking? It must be the party line.

  41. This is a great story ad shows how politic works. Yes he is additive to the drug tobacco and alcohol. U will not get a real answer from this guy all the same . Great work Tom

  42. We need to start pointing out that if u believe in cannabis prohibition then u are guilt have providing this drug so openly and freely to our children. U are the ones that have to be lock up and throw away the Key. Ido not want my grand children to be able to go to some one house and buy This drug like i did and the rest of yall to. They are the ones that are responsible for all the killing in Mexico. Some one did to sue Banner and make him squirm under the truth that he and any one that believe like him should be kick out of our country .They are the ones that have to be stop at all coast.

  43. ”Busted and can’t be trusted” Drugged and addicted politicians in White House. I see jobs that need filling in the White House while rehab is needed. Great job man. Maybe this is why he always looks like crap because it’s killing him. Better him than me. I’ll stick with cannabis so i won’t be a slave.

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