Early Registration Now Open For NORML’s Congressional Lobby Day 2016

lobby_day_2016If you are planning on attending this year’s Congressional Lobby Day in Washington D.C. this May 23rd and 24th and you like saving money, please take advantage of the early bird discount for pre-registering that is now available!

The schedule will be released soon but rest easy it will be a full two day itinerary focused around marijuana consumerism, the 114th Congress, post prohibition concerns, marijuana in the media and more! We’ll hold our informational conference on Monday at the GW University Elliot School of International Affairs (1957 E Street NW) with moderated discussions between some of the most influential thought leaders in the movement and then on Tuesday we’ll #TakeAction and gather on Capitol Hill to lobby our elected officials for common sense marijuana law reforms.

We’ll also be hosting a NORML Social at O St. Mansion on Monday night for a special award ceremony to honor our most valuable marijuana activists! If you wish to join the party don’t forget to purchase a separate ticket at checkout.

Thanks again for your dedicated support and help in reforming our country’s misguided cannabis laws.

3 thoughts

  1. There is little more gratifying to a marijuana activist or anyone who has had enough unconstitutional suffering from the drug war than to start pitching a bill to legalize marijuana to a Congressional staffer inside the office of your own Congressman and feel the room go silent as everyone leans into your words.

    Remember: Our Congressman work for us; And if we don’t tell them what we’re voting for the special interests, special districts and the unspecial Sherriff’s Associations most certainly will.

    Don’t forget to sign in. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Be clear. Be respectful. Be NORML.

  2. There is a new anti-science based nemesis on the horizon–it is the Smart Approaches to marijuana (SAM). They are a wolf in sheets clothing–attempting to say they are science-based, hiding behind the goal of reasonable and objective science. But on their website, they list nothing but anti-marijuana propaganda. Please join me in stopping such nonsense.

  3. I wish I could be there, I really do; but, I’m tied down here for the time being.

    But go get ’em! Give ’em an extra earful for me, y’all!

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