National NORML Endorses Arizona Marijuana Legalization Initiative


majority_supportAt a board meeting held on Saturday, February 20th in Washington, DC, the NORML Board of Directors voted to endorse the Arizona Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act initiative to legalize marijuana in Arizona. That initiative is currently awaiting official approval for the ballot in November.

The NORML Board reversed its former policy of waiting until an initiative has officially qualified for the ballot before endorsing it, believing our endorsement could have a greater impact on the eventual outcome if it came earlier in the process.

The Board took this action aware there was another proposed initiative in Arizona that included provisions that were even more consumer-friendly, but that alternative was perceived as having little chance of qualifying for the ballot (which proved to be true) or being approved by a majority of the state’s voters.

The  Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMLA) proposal would end marijuana prohibition; legalize personal use and possession by adults of an ounce of marijuana, and personal cultivation of up to six plants of marijuana; establish a Department of Marijuana Licenses and Control to regulate commercial cultivation, testing, transportation and sale to establish a legally regulated market where consumers can obtain their marijuana.

The NORML Board also endorsed full legalization initiatives that will appear on the ballot in Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and California; as well as medical use initiatives expected to appear on the ballot in Missouri and Florida.




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  1. I’m a local in AZ. I have been following this since it’s infancy. I’m shocked to hear on local news networks bad mouthing this effort to vote on recreational use. Just last night local channel 5 stated, regardless of how many signatures were turned in to qualify, roughly 280k, the signatures were likely not Valid,but the measure is up for vote, and our governor DUCEY commented on the news story, backing the theory on signature validation and stating it did matter if the issue is up for vote, polling shows Very Little SUPPORT And Likely Will Not Pass anyway.

    I for one will be voting to allow recreational use, as are most of the people I work with and my friends.
    In fact I cannot say I’ve seen/herd anyone other than our news outlets and governor speak out against the effort.
    Maybe someone should how him how to read polling results, just like I’m sure he’s being told what to support behind the scenes.

    I look forward to Trump and all. Like minded fools fading into the background as our next president Hillary Clinton takes office!!!

  2. Can you really blame people for not stepping up, personally I’ve never been polled on this issue nor has anyone I know in business. I think the game is that if they keep telling everyone that it doesn’t have the support needed to pass then no one will vote for it. I definitely will be voting for it myself, as well as most people that I know. If a thinking person really looks at all the pros and cons, legalization wins every time.

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