NORML France Conference: Think Change or Change The Bandage?

conference-sorbonne-norml-ceryxFresh off of an organizational restructuring, NORML France will be hosting their conference entitled “Cannabis: Think Change or Change the Bandage?” about the failure of French cannabis prohibition at Université la Sorbonne in Paris.

Their credo is simple, to explain that reform will benefit everyone, not only cannabis consumers.

From their website:

The “NORML France” Organization is aiming to inform citizens and give support to cannabis users by facilitating the access to the defence of their rights and reach health programs, promote scientific researches and bring together civil society actors in favor of a more comprehensive drug policy reform. Evidence of the failure of the so called “war on drugs” is no longer needed. Together, we are building a fair and effective regulatory model that focuses on health, safety, employment, social justice and human rights, with an inclusive strategy based on the cross-expertise of the cannabis users and involved professionals.


Speakers include Viola Ridolfi, Secretary General of Ceryx; Geneviève Garrigos , Former President of Amnesty International France; Nathalie Latour, Delegate General of the Addiction Federation; Fabrice Olivet, Director General of the Self-Support of Drug Users; and Katia Dubreuil, Magistrate at the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris, National Secretary of the Union of Magistrates.

More information about their conference can be found HERE.

You can follow the efforts of NORML France on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  1. Good priority; marijuanexplain to all those who do not consume marijuana or build their homes from isochanvre, or hempcrete, how cannabis legalization benefits our coexistence as human beings on our living planet through sustainable, local agriculture, medicine, fuel, carbon-trapping shelter, cellulose plastics, soil, forest, water and therefore life conservation.

    And if that does not work, let’s create a global movement to make all whole plants open source. Unlike Europe, the U.S. patenting system finds no moral objection to patenting a living plant. And if we are what we eat, this means U.S. patent law continues down the destructive and deceptive path to patent all life, all humans included. Unless we NORML people have anything to say about it…

    la liberté est la médecine cultivée à la maison

  2. Given the global scale of the War On Drugs, it is sometimes difficult to comprehend the scope of the tragedy, and all of the damage that has been done to so many people on an individual basis.

    When one single individual person dies as a result of marijuana prohibition, their loss is total, and irrecoverable. When a family is divided, and when family ties are severed as a result of the War On Drugs, the damage and pain are profound.

    It is heartbreaking to contemplate that it was all only for profit and power, and never truly about promoting public health.

    Yet, we can take heart in the strides we have made, and inspire to finish the job. Let us “fire one up” in the name of Freedom! Lady Liberty, torch me, please!

  3. Sounds VERY interesting, wish I could attend! Glad to know NORML is international! Europe will legalize soon enough, matter of time. 🙂

    Also, everyone: Jeff Sessions is in the hot seat right now, have been watching. SO FAR, I have not heard him questioned on marijuana and his plans, if any. He HAS been inquired of on civil assest forfit. and opiods. If you are watching, pay close attention, as legalization and his response MAY come up. Surprised it has not already….perhaps this is a GOOD sign.

    Perhaps….something is holding him back from a crackdown. Dec. 8th is worrisome, but…..

    Perhaps, just PERHAPS….Sessions realizes the train has left the station on marijuana.

    Perhaps he realizes….it is too big for him and the DOJ to handle.

    Let us hope he does NOTHING, and permits the FUTURE, a beautiful future, of legalization for all….to transpire. Later, and hope you are watching the Sessions hearing. Also, good news in NJ, gov. election.


    1. Oh, and one thing I wanted to say, but forgot….

      A crackdown, unpopular, would set up a massive conflict between the DOJ Feds, Sessions, and the states. People would be furious with Sessions, including perhaps some lawmakers on both ends of the political spectrum.

      With all he has, pressure-wise on his plate, Sessions probably wishes to avoid that.

      Have to leave it at that for now, laptop is being sluggish. Later all, and keep up the fight!


      1. Matt, I sort of believe the same thing–that is, that Sessions has his hands full with the hearings on Russia, and the “budding” scandal, so may be hesitant to ruffle a lot of feathers (including Republican and Libertarian feathers), by going full bore after pot. There are what? 28 or 29 states that now have MMJ? That’s a lot of people who’ll be PO’d at any heavy crackdown.

        At least I’m hoping that has entered his mind.

      2. Good point, but I don’t feel safe yet! What worries me about that is that the Trump administration at large has always played solely to their rabid base, the 30 percent of Trump cult disciples. And as for the rest of us, the playbook seems to be: the more they piss us off, the better!

        Things are changing quickly, but it doesn’t appear Sessions is going away anytime soon. It seems he has a few things he wants to achieve first (and that can’t be good!)

        This means Sessions has the luxury of time; he can fumble and fuck around, and wade through scandals, and still find time to use the power of his office to promote his prohibitionist goals.

        This is one of the hallmarks of fascist power, namely, they don’t care much about the fact that their corruption is glaring and obvious. Any old bullshit will do for propaganda purposes… What ‘cha gonna do about it?

        Trump just keeps on systematically destroying and plundering America, just as planned.

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