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NORML’s 2008 Pro-Marijuana Law Reform Ad Contest

How mad and frustrated does that make you? Want to turn that frustration into a positive direction?
College and art students, graphic designers, animators, cartoonists, flash animators, filmmakers, documentary-makers, activists, NORML chapters, senior citizens, medical marijuana patients, victims of marijuana prohibition laws, concerned citizens and cannabis consumers in general—the five decade-old movement to reform marijuana laws is calling for your time and talents, and you maybe the winner of some serious holiday cash for your stash.

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The Hill: NORML vs. ONDCP (Round Two)

To date, this unofficial debate between NORML and ONDCP has been one of the most popular public discussions ever at The Hill’s blog, which informs their editors (as well as other major publications’ and broadcast editors) that the issue of cannabis law reform is of great public concern and ripe for ongoing public policy debates about the future of cannabis prohibition.