Save The Date: 2016 NORML Congressional Lobby Day in Washington D.C.

lobby_day_2016NORML’s 2016 Congressional Lobby Day at the United States Capitol is scheduled for May 23rd and 24th. Hundreds of marijuana consumers, activists, patients and business owners are expected to attend a day-long training and informational conference on Monday and re-convene on The Hill Tuesday to personally lobby their elected members of the House of Representatives and Senate.

Whether you’re a longtime activist, young college student, medical marijuana patient or simply just a marijuana consumer and NORML supporter, consider taking the next step and travelling to Washington D.C. to directly lobby Congress in support of common sense marijuana law reform. You’ll meet like minded activists from across the country and you’ll get a glimpse into the Capitol Hill lawmaking process!

Scheduling and registration information will soon be posted to, and promoted as well across NORML’s network via listservs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Please save the dates and participate in this historic lobbying effort in our nation’s capital at this crucial time in the law reform effort as cannabis prohibition increasingly gives way to legalization!

For planning purposes you can look up hotel information. Our day-long training and informational conference on Monday will be held at 1957 E Street if you wish to look for something close to the planned activities. Last year, participants also benefited from booking with AirBnb.


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  1. Not bad… right when school gets out. Now the real question will be are the marijuana lobbies for public consumption going to be open yet? Or… do we have to lobby for the lobby?… 🙂 _\|/_

  2. I can’t believe it actually has to come to this, are our politicians in Congress really this stupid?
    And stop using local law enforcement to enforce this racist prohibition I love my local police officers they are really caring people. Make the DEA enforce their own shitty laws.

    1. Holy $#!+ that was some funny marijuana bunny story! THANK YOU!

      “It’s unclear whether Fairbanks actually witnessed the bunny eating marijuana or whether its failure to run means it was high. ”


      “Sadly, these actions by administration officials are indicative of a throwback ideology rooted in the failed war on drugs, which needs to stop,” said Blumenauer. It’s an ideology that led President Nixon to implicate everyone from Jewish psychiatrists to black and Hispanic men, and today leads people to argue that bunnies need protecting more than cancer patients.”

      – Rep. Earl Blumenauer

      1. Perhaps what we need to do is counter these ridiculous ironies from prohibitionists by suggesting to our Congressman they get stoned and watch this:

        NORML, we need to hire the guy who sings this song about a “Guy on a Buffalo” to narrate all of the latest marijuana news. I cried laughing when they put this short film before the movie The Revenant at the Alamo Draft House. Try getting this song out of your head. It’s contagious!
        “It’s a guy on a Buffaloooo…”

  3. Watch the net of indifference cover the ears of our old and ensconced legislators when cannabis consumers ask for what the should be demanding.

  4. I’m scheduling off, from work, for this – even, though, I have Jury Duty, the previous week! Listen: I have, for 25+ years, dressed in Brooks Brothers’ finest, while, lobbying, Congress, to: legislatively mandate the formal exhumation of FDR, for a Criminal Trial, over his having outlawed the wall art, as, “marihuana”. What One ‘can’, and, ‘may’, do – is the difference, that is yet to be formally and conclusively determined, herewith. Pope Formosus did deserve no more, such

  5. Good Luck and Thanks for being our voice in DC, as many of us would love to, but cannot attend. Without Keith’s help, I would’ve never made the connections I have now. Hopefully, Alabama will be on board with us soon…:)

    1. Sorry, KEVIN not Keith!!! It’s been like a whirlwind around here the past week!!! Please correct that for me…

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